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Have you ever watched poker on television? You always see the player that is the biggest risk takers win the big pot, and then walk away with the tournament championship. You decide that you can do that also. You play some hands, lose a bunch of money and do not understand what happened. Poker is not an easy game to play it involves several different levels of knowledge that you do not see on television. Some of the unseen information is experience accumulated by the players to help them make decisions to help them win the tournament. It takes a lot of time to figure out a strategy to win.

Building strategies is the key to developing a profitable method to trade the markets. It takes time and lots of information. It also takes the use of some gut instincts, and knowledge of the market place. Using the CQG Q Trader is a great way to build a profitable market strategy.

  • Exchanges

CQG is connected to multiple exchanges across the world, giving the trader an opportunity to trade on a variety of different exchanges. You will also have access to trading information that can help you see trends that are happening in the marketplace and adjust your strategy accordingly.

  • Features

CQG has outstanding tools that help you get key information on the market with the push of a button. Some of the features include price ladders, the ability to trade from charts, smart orders, routing, application, quote displays, studies, and charts. CQG features give you the chance to test different strategies by using back test trading systems.

  • Order entry

Trading can be very difficult that is why it is very important to get information immediately. CQG’s interfaces have several options that help you make decisions quickly, which is important during the trading day. The options that are available to use are the DOM Trader, Enhanced Quote Spreadsheet, Order desk, Order Ticket, SnapTrader, and Spreadsheet Trader.

  • Order type

CQG offers the some of the order types that other trading platforms offer, such as market, limit, stop, and stop limit. CQG also offers types of orders. Examples of these orders are; DOM-triggered setup, Iceberg, Trailing stop, bracket, study-following orders, Funari, and algorithmic. All of the other types have opted for the length of time that you want your order to last. The period of time can include the whole day, or you can give the order a time to begin and end during that trading day.

  • Pricing

CQG is a well-priced trading platform, which allows you to place an unlimited amount of trade during the month for one flat fee. You can pay twenty-five hundred dollars a month, this helps to maintain your order structure and it gives you the flexibility that CQG allows you to have as a trader. The first option may be too much money to invest in the software, but there is a lower cost option. For less than six-hundred dollars, you can get some of the analysis to help you with your trading day. CQG Q trader offers you many of the features the full scale CQG offers for only $40 per month.

  • Platform

CQG has three different types of trading platforms for you to choose from to work with. CQG Integrated Client allows you to trade on a professional level with such features such as market data, analytics, and order routing. CQG Q Trader gives you powerful tools that allow you to monitor and trade in the market place. CQG Trader is a great option if you do not want to use all the technical tools that some people use.

  • Partners

CQG’s gateway services give you the opportunity to connect with several electronic exchanges. Some of the forty exchanges that are available through CQG are Bell Potter, Citi, Dorman Trading, Crossland LLC, J.P. Morgan, Rosenthal Collins Group, LLC, Vision, Financial Markets, and several other exchanges, giving you plenty of choices. CQG is looking to expand the list of their exchanges, if you have any recommendations they will add that exchange to their list.

By using CQG Q Trader you can build a profitable security strategy with a minimal amount of risk. The best part about trading securities is that you have all the information given to you, and you do not have to depend on luck like you do with poker.

Disclaimer – Trading Futures, Options on Futures, and retail off-exchange foreign currency transactions involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. Past performance is not indicative of future results. You should carefully consider whether trading is suitable for you in light of your circumstances, knowledge, and financial resources. You may lose all or more of your initial investment. Opinions, market data, and recommendations are subject to change at any time.
About the author: Ilan Levy-Mayer is the VP of Cannon Trading Co, Inc. and CEO of LEVEX Capital Management. He has developed many different systems and has the experience from the design stage, execution stage, technology aspects; assisting clients evaluate systems and much more.

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