Keystone Pipeline Can Not Get Passed


No wonder the Keystone Pipeline can not get passed. Have you ever wondered why we put up with oil train accidents resulting in recent months in spills, intense fires and community evacuations? Warren Buffet is the answer. His Berkshire Hathaway owns the Burlington Northern, now the BNSF Railway

According to Zero Hedge oil shipped by rail since 2010 has expanded from 20 million barrels to 378 million barrels a year and the BNSF Railway carries 70% of the oil.

Zero Hedge speculates that the “Sage of Wall Street” may be lobbying his buddies in Washington DC for a bailout. A spokesman says, “Languishing oil prices also make oil-train transportation look too expensive when compared to shipping in foreign oil.”

In recent weeks, the price gap between U.S. and Brent, the benchmark foreign crude, has narrowed to about $7 a barrel, making some oil-train shipments too costly at this time. That’s why the Key Stone Pipeline Can Not Get Passed.

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  1. Sarah Palin is too stupid to be President.

    There is no such thing as crony capitalism.

    We are living in an era of hope and change.

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