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Apocalypse And Enormous Disorder Coming – Hugo Salinas Price

TND Videocast Spotlight:  Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

Mexican retail mogul Hugo Salinas-Price is worried about the common man and the upcoming currency calamity that is approaching the globe.  Salinas-Price says, “It certainly isn’t getting better when you have some intellectuals going so crazy as to say they want to ban cash.  We can’t go too much further along this road.  This is utter madness.  We’re not supposed to use cash anymore?  Salinas Price goes on to say, “If we have these lunatics running things, it can’t get any better.  We have people running things that have forgotten about what motivates the common man. . . . I want people to have silver because it is going to protect them.”

Why does the common man need the protection of precious metals?  Salinas-Price says, “I just read today the global debt is $200 trillion, and it’s grown from the last crisis in 2008.  Something has to happen to take care of that debt.  Either it’s going to be repudiated or it’s going to be inflated away, or it’s going to be paid with taxation. . . . We are headed over Niagara Falls.”

George Stephanopoulos Has Forfeited All Trust as a Newsman

Michael Goodwin at the New York Post calls out Stephanopoulos:

My, my, the bigger they are, the dumber they think we are.

Dan Rather of CBS was toppled by a phony document scam. Lyin’ Brian Williams at NBC casually mixed fact with self-aggrandizing fiction. Now George Stephanopoulos is caught in a Clinton web of deceit at ABC.

The hat trick of arrogant anchor scandals helps explain why Americans don’t trust network news. With apologies to Walter Cronkite, that’s the way it is, and the way it is stinks.

Stephanopoulos shares with Rather and Williams the rotten distinction of fessing up only after being exposed by real journalists. In his case, the Washington Free Beacon uncovered his secret donations to the Clinton Foundation and contacted ABC for a response.

That was the honorable thing to do — get the other side of the story before publishing it. But Stephanopoulos ditched his journalistic veneer and reverted to his Clinton White House roots by quickly leaking the info to what he regarded as a more friendly news outlet, Politico.

His track record of secrecy, partisanship and dishonorable behavior blows up his claim that he made an honest mistake. He engaged in a prolonged and brazen act of dishonesty.

Over three years, he gave at least $75,000 to an organization that acts like a political superPAC for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and a tax-free slush fund for the Clinton family and their cronies.

Through their opaque foundation, the Clintons have financial ties to repressive regimes and shady individuals around the world, pocketing many, many millions for themselves. Yet apparently starting when Hillary was Secretary of State, Stephanopoulos made common cause with his former bosses and in the process destroyed any credibility he built as a news anchor and moderator for ABC.

He made two unforgivable decisions: He didn’t tell his bosses about the donations and he didn’t tell viewers that he had given money to the foundation even as he reported on it and the Clintons.

At most news organizations, either would be a fireable offense. Either would be a fireable offense at ABC for someone less important.

But he may too big to fire, at least quickly, so the network’s defense of him could be a trial balloon to gauge the fallout.

Even a brief tally of recent offenses makes a compelling case. On April 26, Stephanopoulos grilled Peter Schweizer, the author of the sensational “Clinton Cash,” pressing him to admit the book contains no “smoking gun.”

The implication was that, if it’s not indictable, it’s not important. That’s a legal test, not a journalistic or political one, yet Stephanopoulos cleverly used that standard to give the Clintons the all-clear.

The anchor also cited Schweizer’s “partisan interest,” noting that Schweizer was a speechwriter for President George W. Bush.

But as a columnist in the Washington Post noted at the time, Stephanopoulos never told viewers that he had worked for the Clintons and had defended them in many scandals. Like the Clintons themselves, he acted as if the rules only apply to others.

Two days later, Jon Stewart had Stephanopoulos on his show to talk about news coverage and the Clinton Foundation. To watch a video of the segment is to wonder whether Stephanopoulos fears Stewart knows about the contributions and will bring them up. The lack of disclosure now makes Stewart look like a chump.

Indeed, every story Stephanopoulos has ever done about the Clintons, their critics and other politicians is now suspect. What did he make of her vanishing emails? Benghazi? Her entire tenure at State? What did he say about her Republican opponents?

To suggest, as Stephanopoulos and ABC do, that disclosing the contributions would have meant going “the extra mile” is preposterous.

Disclosing something so fundamental is not extra. It’s basic. High school newspapers have stricter conflict-of-interest rules.

Almost as egregious, ABC’s “punishment” is that Stephanopoulos will not take part in a GOP debate. Big whoop. It misses the point, as does the New York Times’ coverage highlighting Republican complaints.

The breach is clearly partisan, but that is secondary. First and foremost, it is a disqualifying violation of professional ethics, and trying to remedy it by setting partisan boundaries compounds the mess.

Are we supposed to trust Stephanopoulos on some stories but not others? Will ABC put a graphic on the screen to signal when their man is playing it straight?

Hillary Clinton’s Democratic rivals also are victimized by his conflicts. All other journalists at ABC, some of whom are dependent on Stephanopoulos for air time, are tainted by his donations.

ABC needs to face the truth. Stephanopoulos has forfeited all trust as a newsman, period, end of story.

3.0 Near The Dalles

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George Stephanopoulos

George Stephanopoulos

George Stephanopoulos

Back on February 2, 2005

I sent this email to ABC News today

KOPPEL’S POSSIBLE A.M. SHIFT, Please make it true. I used to watch the Sunday morning program with my coffee, Sam and Cokie, and George Will. Then you brought in the “shill”(George Stephanopoulos). I told you I would stop watching. I emailed you to get rid of George whenever I saw that the show’s ratings were declining. I told you I was still not watching. Well, now you are considering Ted Koppel and I will be back, when George is gone. You see I don’t need to see my news filtered through the eyes of a Clinton flack or apologist for the ex-president and the coming campaign for Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. (NYT please note the accuracy).

Mover Mike

I told you he was a shill for the Clintons. Now ABC you have a gigantic POS problem.

Two Oregon Quakes

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This Needs To Be Said and Repeated and Repeated

Terrorists assaulted a “Mohammed cartoon” event in Texas sponsored by activist Pamela Geller, and the response has been, in part, soul-searching over what’s wrong with Pamela Geller.

Geller is an attention-hungry provocateur who will never be mistaken for Bernard Lewis, the venerable scholar of Islam. Her Texas gathering to award a cash prize for the best cartoon of Mohammed — depictions of whom are considered offensive by many Muslims — was deliberately offensive, but so what?

Two armed Muslim men showed up intending to kill the participants, and were only thwarted when they were shot dead by a police officer who was part of the elaborate security arrangements.

Absent the security, we might have had a Charlie Hebdo–style massacre on these shores, in Garland, Texas, no less, a suburb of Dallas. (The world would be a safer and better place if the forces of civilization everywhere were as well-prepared and well-armed as they are in Texas.)

That horrifying prospect didn’t stop CNN from interrogating Geller the morning after the attack about her views of Islam and her decision to have as the keynote speaker for her event the anti-Islam Dutch politician Geert Wilders (who has to live under 24-hour protection). The implicit assumption was that Geller and her cohorts were as much of a problem as the fanatics who planned to censor them at the barrel of a gun.

Today, criticism of Islam is at the vanguard of the fight for free speech, since it is susceptible to attack and intimidation by jihadists and calls for self-censorship by the politically correct. Geller refers to her meeting as a free-speech event while her critics prefer to call it an anti-Islam event. They are really one and the same. In today’s circumstances, criticism of Islam is at the vanguard of the fight for free speech, since it is susceptible to attack and intimidation by jihadists and calls for self-censorship by the politically correct.

“Yes, but . . . ” defenses of Geller don’t cut it. She had a perfect right to do what she did, and it’s a condemnation of her enemies — and confirmation of her basic point about radical Islam — that the act of drawing and talking elicited a violent response.

If cartoons of Mohammed may seem a low, petty form of speech, they are only the fault line in a deeper clash of civilizations. A swath of the Muslim world doesn’t just want to ban depictions of Mohammed, but any speech critical of Islam.

There was much tsk-tsking after the Charlie Hebdo attack about how France had made itself vulnerable to domestic terrorism because it has failed to assimilate Muslim immigrants. The critique carried a whiff of self-congratulation about how much better the U.S. is as a melting pot, and so it is.

Yet two Phoenix roommates were still prepared to commit mass murder to keep people from drawing images they don’t like. One of them, an American convert to Islam named Elton Simpson, had been convicted of lying to the FBI about discussions about traveling to Somalia, allegedly to engage in terrorism. He evidently took inspiration from ISIS calls to attack the Garland, Texas, event, in another sign that the poisonous ideology of radical Islam knows no borders.

It will ever be thus until all of Islam accepts the premises of a free society, as have other major world religions. The day there can be the Muslim equivalent of the play The Book of Mormon without the writers, actors, and audience members fearing for their lives will be the day that Islam is reformed. Then, and only then, will mockery of Islam by the likes of Pamela Geller and her ilk be a tasteless irrelevance, rather a statement from atop the ramparts of free speech.

Yes, there is such a thing as self-restraint and consideration of the sensibilities of others, but it shouldn’t be the self-restraint of fear. Pamela Geller is a bomb-thrower, but only a metaphorical, not a literal, one. That’s the difference between her and her enemies — and between civilization and barbarism.

— Rich Lowry is the editor of National Review. He can be reached via e-mail: comments.lowry@nationalreview.com. © 2015 King Features Syndicate

Carly Fiorina Just Bought SethMeyers.org

A thinking person’s choices for the up-coming election are not limited to Hillary – Bush or Bush – Hillary. There are many good choices on the Republican side including Carly Fiorina.

According to Dr. Jack Wheeler at To The Point News.

“Thanks to The Lying Swine, Pam (Geller) now has the podium she deserves.  And there’s more good news this week – lots of it.  One reason is another lady mensch who is also “making the right enemies.”  That would be just-announced (5/04) presidential candidate Carly Fiorina.

I’m really starting to like her. As the article in the link above explains:

“She can articulate the case for free enterprise that can best appeal to the middle, especially working-class voters in swing states like Ohio. Government regulation and spending tilts the playing field towards the well-connected political class, crushing opportunity for entrepreneurs and rewarding the cronies.

This is both an economic argument and a fairness argument, and it’s only tenable if it’s fueled by attacks on corporate welfare and crony capitalism.”

The Washington Examiner explained (5/07) why Carly Fiorina Is Doing It Right So Far.  One hilarious example came on Tuesday (5/05), when she hoisted Late Night host Seth Meyers on his smart-ass petard.

Knowing he would poke fun at her for not registering “carlyfiorina.org” (as she did for every other permutation), when he did so she asked him if he knew who owned “sethmeyers.org.”  When he said he had no idea, she told him, “I do – I just bought it in the Green Room (where show guests sit before going on), and it was really cheap ($16).”

Not only that, when you enter sethmeyers.org as a URL, it automatically reroutes tocarlyforpresident.com.  This lady is cool.  Enjoy the takedown:

To The Point News Calls Ms Geller a Mensch

Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler


This was the winning entry in the Draw Mohammed Contest in Garland, Texas last weekend. It was drawn by artist Bosch Fawstin, who was raised by a hate-filled “moderate” Moslem family in Brooklyn, and abandoned Islam after reading Ayn Rand. There’s an informative interview of him in Breitbart (5/06).

Fawstin was one of the 300 attendees of the contest that a pair of Moslem retards – let’s abbreviate that to “motards,” like we do with “libtards” for both are morally retarded – were attempting to mass murder and were thankfully gunned down before they could.

Jack Kelly’s appellation for the libtard media is The Lying Swine, and their reaction to the motard terrorism at Garland perfectly shows why. Instead of condemning the terrorists, they hysterically condemned the woman who organized the contest for “provoking” them.

One laughable example is the actual WaPo headline: “Event organizer offers no apology after thwarted attack in Texas.”

You can easily lose count of libtard journalists pompously denouncing Pam Geller’s “provocation” by saying, “I support free speech, but…” Frankly, you expect that from The Lying Swine. What we don’t expect is the same cowardice from conservative talking heads, like Bill O’Reilly, Laura Ingraham, and Greta Van Sustern.

I’ve gotten into arguments with friends who like O’Reilly while I’ve always thought he’s a bullying horse’s ass – but I’ve never thought he was yellow until now. Thank heavens for Megyn Kelly who shut him down Monday night (5/04).

The must-read on this is Karen McQuillan’s Conservative Pundits for Sharia. An excerpt:

To claim that drawing Mohammed is an insult is a jihadi idea. It is not an American idea. It is applying their code to our behavior. Drawing Mohammed is entirely normal political speech. It is not a gratuitous insult; it is fighting the imposition of sharia law in America.

Pam Geller is the bravest woman in America at this moment.

She deserves to be given a podium so her voice can be heard by millions. That supposedly conservative journalists are attacking her instead signals their incapacity to counter jihad in America.

It is crucial for the survival of civilization that all of us speak out loudly and clearly about the many truly appalling and abominable aspects of Islam.

So it should be obvious by now who the HFR Hero of the Week is: Pam Geller. I should tell you that she’s been my friend for years, that we have a mutual admiration – and she’s a huge fan of TTP

The Yiddish dictionary defines mensch as: “An upright, honorable decent person; someone of consequence, someone to admire and emulate; someone of noble character.” Note it is gender-free, applying to persons, not just men but women as well.

Pam Geller is a mensch. She has the cojones Bill O’Reilly pretends he has. She’s the one Jim Geraghty means when he says, “We Have Invented Jihadist Flypaper.”  Not we, Jim, Pam has invented jihadi flypaper.

Keep up with her via her blog, pamelageller.com. And keep up your noble work, Pam – for America’s sake and all of ours.

(Ps. to Pam – at TTP, we spell it Moslem and Mohammed like it always used to be, not “Muslim” and “Muhammad” like Islamic Political Correctness demands. Perhaps you might consider doing so too. Then again, perhaps we should go back to the way it was for centuries when Moslems were traditionally called “Mohammedans” – what do you think?)


From To The Point News:

[This is the text of Robert Spencer’s address at the Mohammed Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest in Garland Texas on Sunday, May 3rd, just hours before two Moslem terrorists were gunned down trying to murder the attendees.]

The PEN Writers Association that was founded in order to defend the freedom of expression is giving an award to the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists, and 205 of the members of PEN, including some very prominent writers such as Joyce Carol Oates, have pulled out.

Because they say that it is manifesting “cultural arrogance.” They said that the French manifested cultural arrogance in drawing Mohammed and allowing Charlie Hebdo to draw Mohammed.

They don’t seem concerned about the cultural arrogance of the assassins who murdered these cartoonists in the name of a blasphemy law that the cartoonists did not hold.

They don’t care about that imposition of one culture over another; they only care that the French were following their own long tradition of free expression.

Now, that’s a terrible thing for an organization that’s designed to defend the freedom of expression. It’s a terrible dissent. And it bespeaks a dissent in our whole culture in general.

You will see around the room – you probably have already noticed as you were coming in – that we have some of the entries into the cartoon contest blown up and enlarged. And we also have interspersed some historical images of Mohammed.

Now, it’s very noteworthy – take a look as you’re going out this evening – take a look at some of these, because you’ll find them very interesting.

Some of them are ancient Persian images made by Moslems. And nobody got killed. Nobody got death threats. Nobody was called a racist. They depict Mohammed cursing women in hell, they depict Mohammed beheading the Qurayza Jews, of whom he massacred between 600 and 900, according to his earliest biographer. These are depictions by Moslems of Mohammed.

Some of them you’ll see, his face is covered. But in some of them, he’s just depicted as he is in the cartoons that are more contemporary.

Even more important, there are some images you will find from earlier centuries in the West, when we did have more cultural confidence.

Dante Alighieri, the author of “The Divine Comedy” – it’s a three-part allegory, one of the greatest poems in Western civilization, the great Italian poem. And he goes into hell and then into purgatory, and then into heaven.

And in hell, he meets all these people who’ve been damned. One of them is Mohammed. Because Dante was a Christian. And he viewed Mohammed as somebody who had tried to turn people away from the true faith and was thus condemned.

His depiction of Mohammed in hell was made into a fresco which is on the wall of a church in Italy. It’s been there for centuries. Now it’s under armed guard. It was never under armed guard in the 17th century, the 18th century, the 19th century. Only now.

Why is that? Because now Moslems are, in the first place, much more present in the West than they were. And they’re a much more aggressive presence in the West. And that is an aggression fueled in large part by our own cultural weakness.

A very good friend of mine told me right before I left for this event that – you’re just poking them in the eye, you’re trying to provoke them. You know, why are you doing that? You’re the one that’s being offensive. And this was a friend, you know, and I was kind of taken aback. And I had to stop and think – well, what exactly is wrong with that?

What’s wrong with that is that this is only offensive because Moslems have made it offensive. This is only something, as Geert Wilders says, that needs armed guards because Moslems will kill you for drawing Mohammed. It would never be offensive otherwise.

Consider this – the murderers of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists had an accomplice. And as they were murdering the cartoonists, the accomplice went to a kosher supermarket in Paris and murdered four Jews. What have they done? They didn’t draw Mohammed. How did they offend Moslems? They offended Moslems by being Jewish.

Okay, so we have to not draw Mohammed, because that’ll poke them in the eye and offend them. And then we have to not be Jewish, because that will poke them in the eye and offend them. And then what? Okay, I guess pork and alcohol are out. Okay, and then what? Take – humor, yes.

The Islamic State – the Islamic State is beheading people and taking sex slaves, and subjugating the Christians under the hegemony of the Islamic law. And they’re doing it all on the basis of Koranic directives. And so that’s all Islamic. So I guess we can’t say a word about that. Because that would poke them in the eye and offend Moslems.

You see, step by step by step, we’re ending up going in the direction of accepting Islamic law. Let’s put it this way: Every Western media outlet that refuses to publish the Mohammed cartoons is accepting Islamic blasphemy law.

I say it’s time for a little cultural self-assertiveness. In the 19th century, they didn’t have these problems. There’s the famous story that I’ll close with from the British Raj, the British colonization of India.

In India, the Hindus – not the Moslems, but the Hindus – had the practice of suttee, where the widow, the wife of a man who had just died, would be thrown upon his funeral pyre and be burnt to death. And the British outlawed it.

And the Hindu delegation came to General Sir Charles Napier, who was the governor general of the area, and they said to him – you can’t outlaw this, this is our culture. And he said – oh, it’s your culture. Well then, very well. You live out your culture. But we also have a culture. And our culture is that men who force women to throw themselves on fires will be hanged by the neck until dead.

So you live out your culture, and then we’ll live out ours.

In the West, we should be saying exactly that. Yeah, okay, you’re going to kill for people who draw Mohammed? Then we will protect people who draw Mohammed. And we will hunt you down and kill you for trying to kill people for drawing Mohammed.

Freedom of speech is not an end in itself. The freedom of speech was put into the Constitution as our fundamental protection against tyranny. If you want to know who rules over you, then find out who you cannot criticize.

The people who have the clout, the people who have the power – if they are able to silence by the rule of law, by the force of law, those whose opinions they don’t like, then a free society is dead. Then they can do whatever they wish unopposed, and dissent is impossible.

And that’s what this is all about. This is not about insulting Moslems or offending Moslems or poking them in the eye, or even about drawing Mohammed, ultimately.

It’s just that that’s where they’re making the line, and that’s where we’re going to stand. And we’re going to stand against tyranny and for freedom.

Robert Spencer is the founder and director of Jihad Watch.

Muhammed Cartoon In Texas

Here is the Muhammed Cartoon In Texas that caused terrorist attack:


Kudos to the Garland, Texas security forces who took out the would-be terrorists. That story continues to develop as it appears the actions in Garland were known by ISIS leaders abroad prior to the attack. And here then is the cartoon of Muhammad that won that night’s award. Hard to believe there are human beings who are willing to kill over such a drawing, and even more appalling are those in our own American media who have already condemned the freedom of speech organization that hosted the event for “antagonizing” Muslims. MSNBC has been particularly defensive of the terrorists’ attempts to murder people for nothing more than a collection of drawings.

THAT is scary stuff, but then again, we should never forget the current President of the United States was a twenty-year member of a Black Theology church that celebrated the attacks against America on September 11th, 2001. It seems that mindset has become the norm these days in certain media and political circles.

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