Book Review: Angel Face by John Scherber

John Scherber, San Miguel, Mexico resident, has just published his thirteenth novel in the Paul Zacher series and it is a good one.

Paul Zacher, Maya, and Cody, like a dog with a ball, have once again invited us play the detective game when a movie star dead for 28 years, is disinterred and found in almost pristine condition. Is it a natural thing to happen to her body or is this something religious and should saint hood be raised. Based on a true story of a like incident in the Philappines, two brothers of the actress in San Miguel, Mexico propose different plans for the body of Angel face. Naturally, when Paul Zacher is around, you can expect murder.

This is perhaps the most introspective of John Scherber’s thirteen books about what it is to be a man. The case also pulls at the stretched and frayed fabric of the Paul-Maya relationship. Paul Zacher and crew should be a TV series and Angel Face the concluding chapter of season one.

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