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College Football Bowls


Arizona 45, New Mexico 37 – No  upset


BYU  and #22 Utah


Applachian State vs Ohio – Applachian State favored


San Jose State vs Georgia State  – San Jose State favored by 1


Arkansas State vs Lousiana Tech – Lousiana Tech favored by 1 1/2


Top 5 Senior Friendly Cities in USA

Senior Friendly Cities

Senior Friendly Cities

Retirement is an inevitable phase of life; one that requires decisions to be made in advance. Senior citizens look forward to spending this time in an enjoyable yet affordable location. Senior friendly cities should not only provide citizens with high quality of life but should also not put a strain on the budget. Here is a list of top 5 senior friendly cities to live in

1.Minneapolis – Minnesota

This city is ideal for citizens that are looking for health care facilities and safe environment. The city offers an excellent transportation system with low crime rates and a stable economy that offers ample job opportunities for senior citizens.

With a wide range of music and historic entertainment forums, this city provides an extremely gratifying social life to the citizens. Moreover, it offers several spiritual places that allow citizens to offer their religious prayers in sacred places.

2.Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

With highly efficient transportation system and low crime rates, this city is suitable for citizens that are looking for security and good housing faculties. The economy of the city is also stable and study reveals that it enjoys extremely low levels of unemployment rates and offers high quality health care facilities.

The city is also known as the hub of entertainment and therefore is suitable for citizens who are looking forward at spending an enjoyable yet affordable time in the old age.

3.Boston-Cambridge-Quincy, MA-NH

Senior citizens who are looking forward to re-training or gaining further education would find this city full of opportunities as it offers more than hundred education institutes. Moreover, the city has a rich cultural heritage that allows senior citizens to visit music and historic venues and theatres that provide high quality entertainment.

The healthcare facilities within the city are of extremely high quality whereas the transportation system is also quite efficient. The city has an extremely alluring social life for citizens who want to engage with peers and friends and to visit various locations across the city. The crime rate within the city is also considerably low.

4.Provo-Orem, Utah

The city offers a healthy lifestyle to the citizens who want to age comfortably. The city offers high levels of security and safety while also provides the citizens with the ability to embark on new careers or start a business.

5.San Francisco, California

This city is ranked considerably high in the health and longevity continuum whereas the environment of the city is ranked as the best across the country and thus is ideal for citizens who want to enjoy extremely pleasant weather conditions around the year.

Apart from these factors, the city has one of the best transportation systems across the world and offers an extremely pleasing social life.  Moreover, the crime rate within the city is also not very high.

Author Bio
Andy is a keen and passionate blogger and he’s been doing it for almost five years now. His favorite topics include senior issues and healthcare. If Andy is not writing, his time is being consumed by distributing Patient Handling items and other merchandises regarding mobility.

Oregon Earthquakes

Oregon Earthquakes: in the last 30 days the northern corner of Nevada near Lakeview has experienced 24 earthquakes, the biggest was on 12/6 with a magnitude of 4.1.

Off the coast of Oregon there have been four with the two biggest on 12/7 measuring 3.6.

Book Review: Societe By Alexander Helas


Societe, I couldn’t put the book down. I tried everything, including shaking my hands in the air as if I was drying my hands. The author has a way with words, in fact not only did I keep the dictionary c lose by always, but the author invents new uses for words.

This is “a novel portraying free will as mankind’s bravest art.” The author Alexander Helas says “…we are the product of our own thoughts, our own ideas, our own dreamed of reveries.”

At first I tried to get into the book by starting with the prologue. I put the book down. I picked it back up and shipped the prologue and it changed me forever. There are some beautiful thoughts and new uses of words.

New uses of words:

  • covets of a stormy frontier…
  • carousing intimacy…
  • appraised him with careful surprise…
  • a cocktail of lucid sonder…
  • a cascade of semblances…
  • and siphoned streets
  • divagated on the essence of flight
  • an unwanted paintbrush on a perfect canvas
  • let
  • us revel in deliquescence…
  • Like a lemniscate, Matty!
  • He suspired…
  • Heat that was callous and unconcerned.
  • Emaciated his defenses


When it comes to art “…we instinctively choose what we’d do if we had the ability.”

“You create enemies for standing up for what you believe in.”

Awareness likes to cradle unstable solace

She bit her lip, like there was a beast scratching the walls of her skull.

When I erase a word with a pencil, where does it go?

I could go on, but Helas is good at reinventing new uses for words and making announcements that do or don’t make sense.

Another thing I don’t understand. If you are a purist who hates adverbs, you will hate this book. I took to circling the “lys” on each page.  On page 74 in six lines, I counted six adverbs. On pages 90-91 there are eleven adverbs. Then you will get to parts of the book where page after page contains no adverbs. It is almost as if the book was written by two people.

Sometimes, also I marvel at the writing other places I don’t know what he is trying to say.  What does “…an unwanted paintbrush on a perfect canvas…” mean. Is a paint brush glued to the canvas and why?

I wanted to read the book for the author’s take on free will and because I live in Mexico and the author is a blood relative of a great Mexican writer, Juan Rulfo.  I will reread the book again for the beauty of the language.

College Football Upsets Week 14

#4 Iowa 13, #5 Michigan State 16

#12 Baylor 17, Texas 23

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