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2016 Week 9 Football Upsets

2016 Week 9 Football Upsets

We have our first upset in the 2016 Week 9 Football Upsets. It happened Friday:

#22 Navy 45, South Florida 52 This is the same Navy that upset #6 Houston 40 to Navy’s 46 in week 6


#7 Nebraska 17, #11 Wisconsin 23

#8 Baylor 34, Texas 35

#10 West Virginia 20, Oklahoma State 37. Remember in week five #22 Texas 31, Oklahoma State 49. Remember OSU was upset themselves in week 2 #22 Oklahoma State 27, Central Michigan 30

#13 Boise State 28, Wyoming 30.  Cowboys took down Boise State for the first time in school history

#18 Tennessee 21, South Carolina 24


#4 Washington 31, #17 Utah 24

Oregon 54, Arizona State 35. All because of J Herbert.

Portland State 49, Northern Colorado 56

Oregon State 31, Washington State 35

5 Reasons You Should Use a Property Stylist before Selling Your Property

Property Stylist

Property Stylist

Did you know that property styling your house before selling it can increase its final sale price by 7.5 – 12.5%?

The fact was discovered in a survey conducted among the best agents from the LJ Hooker network. Even though it’s beneficial, there are only 22% real estate agents who believe it is a useful tool for improving house value.

Property styling is a term used for organizing and decorating the inside and outside of the home to provide the best possible spectacle during the days of property inspection and open-house for potential clients. Owners can see the task of styling their property on their own, but experts suggest hiring a property stylist is a more plausible option.

Here are 5 reasons why the experts advocate hiring a professional property stylist to get the job done:

It Brings Out the Best

Property stylists are experienced in making the home/property look its best. They know how to hide the negative aspects of the property and enhance the positives to portray a proper picture of the complete potential of your house. They will use furniture placement, artwork, and colour palettes to make your home look more appealing.

It Gives Your Home a Competitive Edge

Your house is obviously not the only property on sale in the market or on the potential homes list of the buyers. The buyers will be looking around for other properties too. Hiring a professional stylist can gain you a competitive advantage over the other properties in the market – when your house looks perfect the buyers wouldn’t want to consider other less-than-perfect homes.

Great for Making a Strong First Impression

Open houses and property inspection by the buyer is the best time to create a good impression on potential buyers. And it’s the first impressions that count the most. A property stylist is aware of the latest trends and styles that would work best for your property and help improve your house’s listings. It could actually make buyers fall in love with your home in no time.

Maximum Returns

A professional property stylist in addition to styling your home, helps you save on major costly renovations that can bring down your after-sale returns. This is an affordable way to improve the look of your house and add value to it. You get a good price for your property and save on the irrelevant expenses too.

Establishing the Bond

When buyers go out house hunting, they like to look for homes that they can see themselves living comfortably in. Professional property styling helps buyers create a vision of the home they are visiting. It allows them to picture themselves living in it and creates an emotional bond between the buyer and the home that can later sway their decision in favour of your property.

Property styling can prove to be the ace of your property sales game plan. It is an effective element of your sales campaign and it is cost-effective. Besides, you get to reap the benefits in terms of increased sales prices anyway!

5 Tips to Easily Relocate Your Business

5 Tips to Easily Relocate Your Business

5 Tips to Easily Relocate Your Business

It could be that your lease is up. Or that your company is growing in size. Whatever the reason behind your business move, you’re thanking your lucky stars you’ve finally found a new premises. Yet even the mere thought of having to go through the actual move is enough to produce one hell of a headache. Don’t rush for the aspirin just yet, though. Read up on these 5 tips to easily relocate your business, instead. And ensure your move goes as well as it possibly can.

1. Create a timeline

As at least part of your business will be non-operational as the relocation occurs, you want to ensure your move is as quick and efficient as possible. Don’t rest on your laurels once you’ve finally found your new premises. Get to work and start creating a timeline of what needs to be done prior to the big move. Remember, employees need to be told 4-6 months before moving day and will require regular updating. You’ll also need to create a packing schedule, pencil in dates for updating the phone service and Internet and make sure to leave time for new permits, licences or insurance policies to be dealt with.

2. Take stock

Evaluate all your company’s furniture, technical equipment and random bric brac. Decide how you want your new office or work space to be laid out. Identify what, if anything, is necessary to purchase to help get you up and running in the new place, quicker. This planning stage will take longer the larger your new office space.

3. Allocate resources

Sit down, with key staff members if necessary, and plan how you can best aim to achieve the smoothest relocation possible, one that’s completed efficiently, with speed, within your designated budget. Allocate resources to all the services you’ll need, including movers and equipment transportation.

4. Choose carefully

Make sure you organise moving and cleaning services at least a month before the big day. If possible, aim for three months before. When selecting a mover or cleaning company, make sure to research potential companies well. Ensure they can, and do, provide good testimonials and/or recommendations.

5. Update everything

In those final weeks prior to your office relocation, remember to let your current customers or clients know about the change via updates on your business website. You can tie the updating of your address in with news of related specials or discounts you may decide to offer. (Remember, too, a move can be a good excuse to tweak any aspect of your business that needs it, such as branding, merchandise, product range or strategy.) Organise to have your new business cards delivered. Let the post office know about the change of address. And arrange for all staff to change the address in their email signatures.

Tips provided by Walkmove.com.au, leaders in office relocation

2016 Week 8 Football Upsets


#2 Ohio State 21, Penn State 24

#11 Houston 16. SMU 38

#17 Arkansas 3, #21 Auburn 56

#23 Ole Miss 21, #25 LSU 38

Congrats to Mike Reilly at Nebraska for his 7th win in a row and now at #8 in the country.


Oregon State 17, #5 Washington 41

Oregon 49, California 52 2OT  5th loss in a row for Oregon, but they might have found their quarterback, Justin Herbert, who threw for 258 yards.

2016 Week 7 Football Upsets


#12 Ole Miss 30, #22 Arkansas 34

#16 Miami 13, North Carolina 20

#17 Virginia Tech 17, Syracuse 31


Oregon Bye

Oregon State 14, #21 Utah 19

Portland State 35, Cal Poly 55

Three Offshore Oregon Quakes

  1. 4.8

    Off the coast of Oregon

    2016-10-09 19:08:47 (UTC)

  2. 4.1

    Off the coast of Oregon

    2016-10-09 18:51:59 (UTC)

  3. 4.1

    Off the coast of Oregon

    2016-10-09 14:18:36 (UTC)

2016 Week 6 Football Upsets

2016 Week 6 Football Upsets

#6 Houston 40, Navy 46 Most points ever scored by Navy on a ranked team.

#10 Miami 19, #23 Florid State 20

#15 Stanford 16, Washington State 42!

#17 North Carolina 3, #25 Virginia Tech 34 Final

#21 Colorado 17, USC 21


Oregon State 47, California 44 OT

Oregon 21, #6 Washington 70 Ouch! Second worst beating at Autsen ever. Coach in trouble?

Portland State 10, Weber State 14


Oregon Earthquake

M 3.0 – 4km WNW of Woodburn, Oregon

An earthquake hit near Woodburn around 9:30 p.m. Monday, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

The minor quake — approximately magnitude-3 — hit about 2 miles west of Interstate 5 near Woodburn Premium Outlets. The quake was about 14.8 miles deep.

No damage was reported immediately after the temblor.

2016 Week 5 Football Upsets

2016 Week 4 Football Upsets

2016 Week 4 Football Upsets

There were a lot of 2016 Week 5 Football Upsets. Let’s start with Friday night:

#7 Stanford ^6, #10 Washington 44 This wasn’t as close as the score appears and Oregon’s next opponent.


#3 Louisville 36, #5 Clemson 42

#12 Florida State 35, North Carolina 37

#17 Michigan State 21, Indiana 24

#18 Utah 23, California 28

#19 San Diego State 24, South Alabama 42

#21 TCU 46, Oklahoma 52

#22 Texas 31, Oklahoma State 49

Woe is Texas and WHOA is Oregon.

Oregon 33, Washington State 51

Oregon State 6, Colorado 47

Thank God for Portland State:

Portland State 45, Idaho State 20

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