5 Reasons You Should Use a Property Stylist before Selling Your Property

Property Stylist

Property Stylist

Did you know that property styling your house before selling it can increase its final sale price by 7.5 – 12.5%?

The fact was discovered in a survey conducted among the best agents from the LJ Hooker network. Even though it’s beneficial, there are only 22% real estate agents who believe it is a useful tool for improving house value.

Property styling is a term used for organizing and decorating the inside and outside of the home to provide the best possible spectacle during the days of property inspection and open-house for potential clients. Owners can see the task of styling their property on their own, but experts suggest hiring a property stylist is a more plausible option.

Here are 5 reasons why the experts advocate hiring a professional property stylist to get the job done:

It Brings Out the Best

Property stylists are experienced in making the home/property look its best. They know how to hide the negative aspects of the property and enhance the positives to portray a proper picture of the complete potential of your house. They will use furniture placement, artwork, and colour palettes to make your home look more appealing.

It Gives Your Home a Competitive Edge

Your house is obviously not the only property on sale in the market or on the potential homes list of the buyers. The buyers will be looking around for other properties too. Hiring a professional stylist can gain you a competitive advantage over the other properties in the market – when your house looks perfect the buyers wouldn’t want to consider other less-than-perfect homes.

Great for Making a Strong First Impression

Open houses and property inspection by the buyer is the best time to create a good impression on potential buyers. And it’s the first impressions that count the most. A property stylist is aware of the latest trends and styles that would work best for your property and help improve your house’s listings. It could actually make buyers fall in love with your home in no time.

Maximum Returns

A professional property stylist in addition to styling your home, helps you save on major costly renovations that can bring down your after-sale returns. This is an affordable way to improve the look of your house and add value to it. You get a good price for your property and save on the irrelevant expenses too.

Establishing the Bond

When buyers go out house hunting, they like to look for homes that they can see themselves living comfortably in. Professional property styling helps buyers create a vision of the home they are visiting. It allows them to picture themselves living in it and creates an emotional bond between the buyer and the home that can later sway their decision in favour of your property.

Property styling can prove to be the ace of your property sales game plan. It is an effective element of your sales campaign and it is cost-effective. Besides, you get to reap the benefits in terms of increased sales prices anyway!

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