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How to Reduce Funeral Costs

How to Reduce Funeral Costs

How to Reduce Funeral Costs

The sudden death of a person affects all family members. At such difficult times, they are also burdened with the need to make funeral arrangements for the deceased person. They have to make important decisions on where to bury their loved one and which funeral service to opt for. A funeral is an expensive event and any wrong decisions financially burden the family. It is quite easy to make costly mistakes when you’re going through the emotional turmoil. Here are some effective tips that will help you reduce funeral costs.

How to Reduce Funeral Costs: Compare Many Options

Look out for different funeral homes to conduct the final ceremony of your deceased family member. Go through the price list of multiple funeral homes to choose the right service. You do not necessarily need to choose the cheapest service for a funeral. Thorough research helps you get a good value for your money.

Also, you do not need to purchase the entire funeral package of a funeral home. Just choose the items and services you need in order to cut down on funeral costs.

It is recommended to get funeral insurance in your life so as to save your family from any financial problems. Check different funeral insurance plans and select the most suitable option. It will ensure that your family won’t have to worry about funeral arrangements.

Stick to Your Budget

If any of your close family members die, you may want to get the best products for their funeral. However, it isn’t a good idea to show off your love for the deceased one by purchasing expensive products. Set your budget and stick to it. Refrain from spending a large sum of money on funeral service, since it will only cause more stress for you.

Know Your Rights

Carry out some research to know about the laws regarding funeral and burial in your state. Many people spend hundreds of dollars on embalming the body, thinking it is legally required. However, there are no such laws and regulations. Moreover, the body of the deceased person won’t get damaged without embalming, if you intend to bury them soon after their death.

Get Less Expensive Merchandise

You’ll need many items to get done with a funeral ceremony, such as casket, grave liner, and burial vault. Choose less expensive items to keep funeral costs low. The casket is the most expensive item required for the burial. Funeral directors may try to manipulate you into buying an expensive casket. However, you can get a good quality product within a few thousand dollars. If you want to cremate the body, there is no need to purchase a casket.

Choose a Home Funeral

Many states in Australia allow you to conduct the entire funeral ceremony of a person at home. If you want to do it on your own instead of hiring professional services, you should get in touch with local authorities to know more about the legalities. Conducting the ceremony at home allows you to save costs and say a final goodbye to your close family member.


Selling Property Without Paying Commission

Selling Property Without Paying Commission

Selling your house and moving to a better house is always exciting and if you want it to stay the same, you may want to consider selling the house yourself. If you have sold houses before, you know that real estate commissions take up a significant chunk out of your profits. If you know the whole process of selling the house, you may want to keep your money to yourself by Selling Property Without Paying Commission.

Selling Property Without Paying Commission

The Good Side

If you chose not to sell your house through an agent, you will keep 6% or more of the sales price in your pocket. However, keep in mind that since you will not be working with an agent, you will have to show the house yourself as well as draw up the contract yourself. You can ask the buyer to add the agent’s commission to the sale price of the house and if you have allowed the buyer agents to show your FSBO property, make sure that you put the terms of the deal in the property flyer as well as in published documents. By also using a renowned online portal, will provide extra trust to the potential buyers, with sites like buymyplace.com.au.

Make sure that you tell your buyers that they are free to submit their offers via an agent, but they should add the agent’s commission to the offering price. If you do plan to take this route, it is recommended that you first negotiate the price with the buyer and then add the commission to the final offer.

If at any point, you have an issue, you can hire a fee-for-service brokerage firm. They will offer you services like listing your home, exposing your property, listing your house in a real estate magazine, and having an open house. You will only pat them for the services that you want but without the flat rate commission.

The Bad Side

Every coin has two sides, so it is important that you learn about the disadvantages as well. The first thing that you need to know is that you need to have a lot of skills to sell the house because you will be doing everything from staging the house to negotiating on your own. Since this would be your first time doing so, you should expect limited pool of buyers because most of the people prefer to work with a realtor.

In case you don’t find any buyers, you can add a sign on your digital as well as print ads that you will pay 2.5% commission to the buyer’s agent. This way you will be able to save money and at the same time sell your house at a great price.

In addition to this, since you will be on your own, you may have difficulty setting the listing price, because more often than not, online calculators don’t give you the right estimate. One smart way to go about would be to get an appraiser so that they can value your home correctly. If you are still unsure about how to proceed, have a look at https://budgeting.thenest.com/sell-home-paying-commission-21381.html

So, now you know the good side and the bad side of selling your house without a commission. We hope that these tips help you out. Good luck!

How Online Conveyancing Is Changing the Property Transaction Game Forever

How Online Conveyancing Is Changing the Property Transaction Game Forever

How Online Conveyancing Is Changing the Property Transaction Game Forever

From groceries to makeup, everyone is stepping into the virtual world of the internet when it comes to shopping. From booking online doctor’s appointments to paying taxes on the car, everything is going digital. Real estate property hasn’t stayed behind in the quest either. More and more sellers are putting up their houses for sale online, hoping to meet buyers via a larger platform. Following this trend, solicitors too have stepped onboard and are now making legal transactions easier and faster with online conveyancing. Here’s How Online Conveyancing Is Changing the Property Transaction Game Forever.

How Online Conveyancing Is Changing the Property Transaction Game Forever. Is it safe?

This query is understandable since it isn’t a few thousand dollars we are talking about. For most people, houses are lifetime investments. With the internet full of scammers, hackers, and spammers, it is very natural for anyone to feel scared when transferring money online. However, you can cast off this fear easily when working with legitimate and well-reputed private solicitors or solicitors firms such as MyPlace Conveyancing. In fact, online conveyancing has become much safer as compared to traditional or in-person conveyancing. How? Because any local solicitor will have low-security measures in place whereas online conveyancing is highly guarded by smart security measures in place.

Not to mention, online conveyancing is much easier and involves a 4-step procedure that requires little to no effort from the vendor.

  1. The first step involves finding a solicitor and instructing them to handle your transfer
  2. Once an agreement is made, the conveyancer will send you the forms to be filled out regarding property checks and searches. In case, there are any issues with the form filling, the conveyancer will help sort them out.
  3. After everything is sorted out, your filled forms will be reviewed by you and the solicitor.
  4. The vendor can then instruct the conveyancer to exchange the sale contract and wait for the completion date.

Coming back to the advantages of online conveyancing over in-person conveyancing, let’s take a look at them in depth.

Faster Dealings

There are many time-consuming steps when working with an offline conveyancer. The paper settlement can take up to weeks, requiring frequent visits and calls from the vendor to the handler. Online conveyancing vendors can complete the same process in lesser time without the need for meetings and phone calls.

Decreased costs

The overall cost of the settlement is reduced as there are no settlement agents involved. The conveyancer and the vendor also don’t have to pay for settlement venues, courier services or purchase any bank cheques. Eliminating these costs leave the vendor with an additional £150-£200/transaction in his/her bank.


Everyone who has dealt with property knows that it involves a ton of paperwork. When using online conveyancing services, the process becomes a lot simpler. There isn’t an excessive amount of documentation invoked which is in favour of both the vendor and the conveyancer. Documents are also signed digitally which means that conveyancers don’t have to stop by for a few signatures every now and then.


There is less room for error when working with online conveyancers. Printing electronically makes it easier to keep and maintain any records and receipts. This gives vendors an added piece of mind.

Timely Notifications

Thanks to online Conveyancing, sellers don’t have to constantly stay stressed about their transactions. Theyrecceivce updates via texts and emails. This way, the vendors feel in the loop without needing a physical presence at the settlement. The solicitors keep the vendors updated about and progress and also about any issues that need addressing.

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