The Effects and Uses of Green Tea

The Effects and Uses of Green Tea

The Effects and Uses of Green Tea

Back in 2010, I wrote briefly about the nine benefits of consuming green tea. I want to revisit the subject because Kelli Gardener has written a piece titled The Effects and Uses of Green Tea.

The origins of green tea date back to 2737 BC. By legend, the Emperor Shennong was resting from travel when leaves from a burning tea plant fell into his cup of hot water and steeped to delicious results. 

Green tea became a part of Chinese culture for its health benefits, where it is offered as a drink of respect, often carrying an interpersonal element with it to establish care between different people.

 According to traditional Chinese medicine, green tea can relieve aches and pains throughout the body while also detoxing and aiding digestion. It is a staple in Chinese diets for its ability to enhance an individual’s quality of life.

 While green tea is originally from China, smaller-scale green tea production has spread throughout many countries in Asia, with Japanese styles of green tea being almost as widely known in the western world as Chinese green tea. Producers throughout South-Asia and Africa primarily excel in mass-produced, lower green tea varieties that find their way into bottled products, diet tea blends, and other products where quality isn’t the focus. The vast majority of loose leaf or higher end green teas on the market will come from either China or Japan.

 Kelli Gardener writes about:

·         Common Green Tea Flavor Profiles

·         Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

·         Lifestyle Benefits

·         The Truth About Green Tea and Fat Burning

·         How Much Green Tea Should You Drink

·         How to Brew Green Tea

Read the whole article about Green Tea by Kelli Gardner.

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