How To Prepare For Moving In With Your Partner

You’ve been commuting back and forth between each other’s apartment for months. Now you’re ready to take the plunge — you’ve decided to move in together. Now before you jump right into the deep end, you might want to study up, to ensure you’re playing house, instead of playing with fire! How to prepare for moving in with your partner.

How To Prepare For Moving In With Your Partner

Get Rid of Any Baggage

Before you start sharing a space with your partner, make sure you remove any excess items (or emotions) from your life. Throw out old papers, clear out your closet,  or get rid of the junk drawer. It’s important to make sure that only the essentials stay with you during this transition. This way, you can start co-inhabiting on the right foot— and have a clean and relaxing space to house and nurture your relationship, not a cluttered one.

 Talk About Storage

Make sure you are communicating about each other’s storage needs and making enough space for each of your needs a priority. If you’re converting one of your places into your new shared home, try dividing up bathroom or closet space for starters. Then get creative from there. And if you are looking for a new space together, it is important to consider both of your storage and personal space needs before signing a lease or buying a home.

Create A Budget

Talk about money! Money is usually one of the most challenging parts of a committed relationship. It is important to discuss finances before taking the next step. Figure out your monthly budgets. Decide how much you can each contribute to the house, bills, food, and furniture. Are you going dutch and splitting things down the middle, or are you each in charge of taking care of different finances? If that question stumped you, drop everything and call your partner right now!

Learn To Share

Co-inhabiting may be new for you, so you need to understand that your space is no longer your own. This is a tough reality for some to come to terms with. Whether it’s sharing food in the fridge or picking your side of the mattress, “compromise” will be your new mantra.

Move In For Love, Not Convenience

Take a moment to discuss your goals for the relationship. Why do you want to move in together in the first place? Many couples make the mistake of moving in together too quickly, (because of convenience, saving on gas money, someone’s lease is up, etc.) and not because they are completely ready to take the next step in a relationship. Sharing a home is very intimate. You see your partner at their best and absolute worst, and only the strongest relationships are meant to last. Make sure you’re on the same page with the “Why.”

By Stephanie James

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