Mover Mike was started in 2003 . The writing on Mover Mike covers politics from a conservative or libertarian perspective, (I am anti big government), economics from an Austrian school perspective, and the hard choices about immigration.  I cover geology (earthquakes and volcanoes), natural disasters, current TV, book and movie reviews, troubled companies, precious metals and the hoax of global warming.

This blog is an Amazon affiliate. Please support Mover Mike by purchasing through Amazon links on this site. From time to time I may write articles that generate ad income or accept advertising/ads and links on this blog.

After Mover Mike came the Landfair Furniture (Blog) and Landfair Furniture + Design Gallery was the first furniture store to use a blog, as part of a diversified marketing program.  The Landfair Furniture (Blog)is written for the interior designer and his/her clients. It also covers news about the latest trends in fashion and color, best practices, interviews to promote our local design community, local companies, and restaurants.

Based upon my writings on the furniture blog, Home Accents Today (circulation of 20,000+) hired me in August, 2007 to post to a blog that I named The Landfair Retail Focus.  The Landfair Retail Focus was about  furniture, fabric and accessory retailers written by a retailer.  While the blog covered best practices and inspiration,I tried to connect to retailers by writing how we at Landfair Furniture dealt with the same problems they faced and what we did in those situations.I also wrote about fashion and color, companies in the business, what’s working and even suggestions for future business opportunities.  My Last Post at Home Accents Today was March 31, 2010 with traffic exceeding 12,000 visits per month.

In addition, Forbes, two years ago, asked me to join the Forbes.com Business and Financial Blog Network.  I recently started the Market Bugle that just covers trading and business topics based on my experience as a stockbroker for over 25 years.  Future plans include a book of children’s poetry titled Yellow Bus Poetry based on my experience as a school bus driver.

I am freelance writer for hire:

I am available to write for magazines, retail stores, and businesses as a featured blogger or to help advertise special events or grand openings. I would like to continue Landfair Retail Focus at an appropriate magazine.  If you need an enthusiastic partner to support or enhance your marketing efforts, let us talk. Please email me with your needs and I will return a quote.

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