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Football Upsets Week 10

#15 Texas Tech 34, #18 Oklahoma St 52
#21 Michigan 6, Michigan St. 29

Oregon State (four point favorite, at home) lost to USC 14 to 31!
Boston College (4-4) 34, Virginia Tech (6-3) 27

My Future Career Tip!

Yesterday, I picked up a Prestige Limousine client in Lake Oswego and took him to PDX for a flight home. As we crossed the Willamette on the Marquam Bridge, we took in the progress of the new light rail bridge being built. He told me that everything, like a bridge, is now built on a computer in the cloud and all sorts of engineering decisions are made there. An engineer can subject the bridge to various loads, make design changes, subject the design to earthquake stresses all on the computer. Because the design is in the cloud, what used to take two to three days for each iteration, even with a powerful computer, now can be viewed instantly or can take as much as a 30-minutes. The cloud substantially decreases the design time, cuts production or manufacturing time, cuts costs and increases safety.

I shared with him the bus charter of children that took us to the new Sellwood Bridge. The children saw from water level the result of shifting a working bridge 30 to 60 feet downstream, so a new bridge could be built in its place. They saw how new piles coffer dams were built and met the engineers working on the project. I doubt if it impressed the children, but I was astounded that most of the civil engineers were women fresh out of college in the last two years. When I grew up, engineers were men.

Big pipe to be used for the new bridge concrete.

Looking up at the old, shifted Sellwood.

My charter bus under the new bridge supports.

Here’s my future career tip: My passenger says his company is looking for female engineers to hire. I failed to ask him why. Maybe women bring a unique perspective to a project; maybe they demand less in salary; maybe it’s good for morale; maybe the answer is none of the above. Whatever, his company wants to hire female mechanical and electrical engineers. All they can get. This is still an area dominated by men, he told me. So if you like to design or build things and you’re a woman consider becoming in demand mechanical and electrical engineers.

Bonnie Tyler Told Us Years Ago

Going To The Dermatologist This Week

Basal Cell By George Bilgere of Ohio

The sun is still burning in my skin
even though it set half-an-hour ago,
and Cindy and Bob and Bev and John
are pulling on their sweatshirts
and gathering around the fire pit.

John hands me a cold one
and now Bev comes into my arms
and I can feel the sun’s heat,
and taste the Pacific on her cheek.

I am not in Vietnam,
nor is John or Bob, because
our deferments came through,
and we get to remain boys
for at least another summer
like this one in Santa Cruz,
surfing the afternoons in a sweet
blue dream I’m remembering now,

as the nurse puts my cheek to sleep,
and the doctor begins to burn
those summers away.

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

Photo by: Pablo Martinez Monsivais

An unusually chilly March day and the snowstorm it spawned have shut down much of official Washington on Wednesday — including a hearing House Republicans had called to examine global warming.

What’s Hillary Clinton Saying?

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

In an interview with Greta Van Susteren on FOX, Clinton was asked “…whether, in the wake of the Benghazi attack in which four American diplomats were murdered, Americans could now feel safe or satisfied that our consulates, embassies, and diplomats are secure, Clinton responded:

“Well, as to the first question, you know, the accountability review board made a set of recommendations. We are embracing and implementing all of them, and making sure that we apply them.


“And ever since the Bush administration, our requests for security monies from Congress have not been met. So you’ve had to make priority decisions. And it’s been difficult.”

Does she mean that all through the Bush Administration (and now in the Obama regime) Congress has not met our demand for security funds or does she mean since the end of the Bush Administration (from day one in the Obama regime) Congress has not met our demand for security funds? There’s a big difference. In the first example, it’s Bush’s fault and Congress just continued the Bush Administration’s practice.

In the second case, she really lays the blame on Obama and Congress which in his first two years was dominated controlled by the Democrat Party. Now, it’s not her fault or the State Department’s, but Obama’s. I think she’s trying to avoid being labeled a screw-up. That would hurt her chances to run in 2016 and tarnish her legacy.

BTW, she even avoids responsibility by switching the subject from “our requests” to “you’ve had to make priority decisions.” She didn’t make the decisions, you did. To me this woman isn’t worth a spittoon of spit!

Gold Powers To 12th Yearly High Close

Here are the year-end gold closes:

2000 — $273.60
2001 — $279.00
2002 — $348.20
2003 — $416.10
2004 — $438.40
2005 — $518.90
2006 — $638.00
2007 — $838.00
2008 — $889.00
2009 — $1096.50
2010 — $1421.40
2011 — $1566.80
2012 — $1658.40 $1,675.80

In 2010, I predicted Gold would go up for the 11th straight year to $1,704!. It overshot my target by reaching $1,920. While it finished soft at $1,564.80, I predicted we will trade at least as high as $2,000 in 2012. Gold saw a high of only $1798.10 in 2012, but the year end close finished at $1658.40 $1,675.80. That close is the 12th year in a row that Gold finished the year higher than the previous year. That’s a gain of 5.8% 7.0%!

I predict for 2013, Gold will break the old high of $1920 set in 2011 and power our way to $2300 and finish higher for the 13th year in a row.

UPDATE: I was fooled. I thought the last day of trading for 2012 was Friday. That’s why the changes. Gold finished today up $19.50!

I Like This!

Two More Days!

Obama is just a big show, or he talks the talk, but doesn’t walk the walk! Some would say he’s all hat and no cattle. He’s that empty chair shown to us by Clint Eastwood. Only two more days and he’ll be history. We’ll be rid of him in a country wide landslide.

Week 9 Football Upsets

With 7+ minutes to go in 4th, #10 Georgia scores to make it 17 to 9 over #2 Florida. Now a FINAL
#7 Oregon St 17, Washington 20
With 4:04 to go, #9 USC is down 36 to Arizona’s 39 in 4th. Now is FINAL
#15 Rutgers 23, Kent St 35
#22 Michigan 9, Nebraska 23
With 12 seconds on the clock in the 4th #23 Texas scores to escape with 21 to 17 win over 1 -6 Kansas.
#24 Ohio 20, Miami (OH) 23
#25 Wisconsin 13, Michigan St 16

Locally #4 Oregon 70, Colorado 14
Portland St 49, UC Davis 21

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