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Girls Get It

Sara Tucholsky, a career .153 hitter, of Western Oregon University (WOU) stepped up to bat last weekend with two runners on in a softball game with Central Washington University (CWU) and smashed it out of the park. Her only home-run in four years playing for WOU.

She looked up to watch her ball pass over fence and missed first base. As she headed back to hit the base, she stopped and dropped to the ground in pain.

Due to game rules, teammates could not touch Tucholsky or she would be out. A player could be substituted for the down player at first base…

She would get an automatic double — but would forfeit her home run.
Brian Meehan writes

Central entered Saturday’s doubleheader one game behind Western Oregon in the Great Northwest Athletic Conference race. At stake was a bid to the NCAA’s Division II playoffs. Western won the first game 8-1, extending its winning streak to 10 games. Central desperately needed the second game to keep its postseason hopes alive.

What happened next is the rest of the story: Mallory Holtman “the greatest softball player in Central Washington history” and “honors program student Liz Wallace of Florence, Mont.” carried Sara Tucholsky around the bases, pausing at each base for Tucholsky to touch the bag. Final score was WOU 4, CWU 2.

John Canzano asks would men have acted this way?

TF Stern Rants!

Too bad Baseball isn’t like Golf!

My friend T. Fraser Stern at
T F Stern’s Rantings

I was watching the Astros game a while ago and watched as the Rockies center fielder (Ryan Spilborghs) attempted to catch a fly ball; what should have been a lead off double by (with the score 3-2 Rockies) Blum turned into the first out. Had he (Ryan) caught it “on the square” it would have been a great play; but the ball momentarily was dislodged from his glove, rolled on the grass and he was able to gather it back quickly. His back was to the infield and the umpire couldn’t see how the ball had gotten out and quickly retrieved.

Blum says “I just figured when a guy dives and makes a catch with the ball in his glove and raises it with is bare hand out the other side it’s a little fishy, but they made the call.”

The fans booed Ryan Spilborghs for several minutes. Astros fan TF says “What kind of hero would intentionally lie in front of an entire stadium full of fans just to record a single out?”

Apparently, some think it’s ok to cheat. Rarely does it happen in golf.

They Cheated Their Way To The Top

The list is out of major league baseball athletes who used or possessed steroids. You can read the list here.

What kind of example is it to have some say he cheated his way to the top?

Two years ago in the Little League World Series, I was struck by the large number of kids who said #5 Albert Pujols was the kids hero; the one they would most want to be like. I didn’t know Pujols. I am sure glad his name is not on the list.

Oregon Becoming Baseball Capital Of U.S.

Lake Oswego moves on to Williamsport

Lake Oswego must now prepare for its cross-county trip to Williamsport. It will play Georgia at 5 p.m. PDT Friday on ESPN in the opener of the World Series.

Following in the footsteps of MurryHill and OSU Beavers! And to U of O, mind your manners!

Lake Oswego

Barry Bonds’ Home Run Record Tainted by Mechanical Device

Michael Witte at Editor and Publisher writes about the elbow device of Barry Bonds and how it gives him seven advantages to hit home runs.

Barry Bonds

Book Review: “The Entitled” By Frank Deford

Are you a baseball fan? Are you glued to the TV from spring to late fall watching as many baseball games as possible? Do you collect baseball cards and wallow in the statistics of baseball like a dog in a mud puddle?No me either! But, I did watch two seasons of Oregon State winning the national championship and I did watch Boston defeat the “Babe curse.” I rooted for the Cubbies and watched in disbelief as a fan interfered with a fly ball that ended their dream for one more year.

Mick, my driving buddy who’s “Hey, Blue!” for high school baseball can entertain me for hours with stories of baseball high jinx and crazy calls. What I’m leading up to is a great book I just finished written by Frank Deford.They say that Deford is “the most influential sports voice among members of the print media” or “the world’s greatest sports writer.” I’m no expert on his past writing, but I just finished The Entitled, A Tale of Modern Baseball and I couldn’t put it down. From that opening paragraph I was hooked:

So, for Howie, it was, at last: neither resignation on the one hand, nor anger on the other. No, it was simply awful, horrible disappointment that tore at him. That it all must end this way. No, not this way. Anyway it ended would be a calamity, because despair would follow, and Howie understood himself well enough to know that he didn’t possess the creative resources to really ever overcome that despair.

Howie Traveler, great name for a manager that’s been everywhere, is a baseball manager for the Cleveland Indians. He has finally made it to the “show”. Howie has a love for the game that is beyond anything I feel. One night, going to his room he sees something he wished he hadn’t. It involves his star player and an alleged rape and his conscience. And one way or another may cost him the only thing that has mattered in his life.

Deford through Howie and the star Jay Alcazar let us in on the behind the scenes of baseball as it’s played today. We learn about he entitlement of the new players. We meet an obsessive owner, all knowing about stats, but no wisdom about players. We learn from a man who has seen most everything about the fans, the groupies and baseball.

I wasn’t disappointed in the ending as some have been. I thought it worked well for everyone involved.


The Entitled
Frank Deford

OSU 9, NCU 3 – Final Finally

By now you know that OSU won the baseball game yesterday 9-3 and won their second CWS championship in as many years, a feat that few colleges have accomplished.

I watched the game with family celebrating my brother-in-laws 50th birthday. We are all OSU fans and cheered when OSU came back in the second inning with a home run to put the Beavers ahead. We cheered when Carigan, the closer from NCU, came in to pitch in the second inning. We knew they were deep into their pitching rotation. We cheered every time Darwin Barney smiled, or when Erin Andrews came on camera, and we leaped to our feet when NCU was thrown out at home plate.

We cheered for Coach Casey! The difference between Casey and opposing coaches was glaring. Never have I seen so many coaches out coached by Casey and his team of coaches. So much has been written about this Beaver baseball team and the fact that only two players returned from last years Champions; not much about most of the team returning next year. How do you top what we just saw? How about Three-Peat?

Oregon State Beavers

Oregon State Will Face Tarheels

In the first rematch since the 70s, Oregon State will face North Carolina in a best of three series beginning Saturday, June 23 at 6 p.m. CT on ESPN.

The Tarheels beat the Rice Owls 7-4.

Oregon State Beavers


For the second year in a row OSU is in the Championship Series and will face the winner of the North Carolina – Rice game on Saturday.

OSU pounded out 7 runs on 11 hits and held UC_Irvine to one run. Final score OSU 7, UC Irvine 1 (Final)

Oregon State Beavers

Oregon State will play UC Irvine

The Oregonian reports,

After trailing by four runs in the eighth inning, UC Irvine defeated Arizona State 8-7 in 10 innings tonight, their second extra-inning game in as many days after their 5-hour, 40-minute, 13-inning marathon win against Cal State Fullerton on Monday.[…]

The Beavers enter tomorrow’s game with wins over Cal State Fullerton and Arizona State and no losses. The Anteaters, a 5-4 loser to the Sun Devils in their first game of the CWS last Saturday, would have to defeat the Beavers twice to advance.

Tomorrow’s game begins at 4:00 PM on ESPN2. Go Beavers!

Oregon State Beavers