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Oregon State 5, Rutgers 2

Hang on Beavers. In the eighth, its Oregon State 5, Rutgers 2

End of Four, Oregon State 3, Rutgers 0

Norm Maves Jr. has the latest from Davenport Field and the game between Oregon State Beavers and Rutgers. At the end of the fourth, the Beavers got

Two runs, two hits, one error, two left.

and lead 3-0.

Oregon State Beavers

Beavers in Rain Delay

UPDATE: Beaver’s game postponed until 10 AM PDT Monday.

If the rain holds off, they’ll play at 6 p.m. PDT here (3 p.m. there). From Norm Maves Jr.,

What’s happening is that the edges of tropical depression Barry are dropping a ton of the wet stuff on Central Virginia. It’s far enough away not to get the wind on this one, but it’s got everything else. It’s supposed to pass by tonight; whether it’s in time, we’ll see.

Oregon State Beavers



Virginia 7, Oregon State 4 (final)

Oregon State loses in 13th inning.

Oregon State 3, Virginia 3

End of the ninth, it’s all tied up.

College Baseball

Oregon St. 5, Rutgers 1

Defending national champion and third-seeded Oregon State commenced its quest for a repeat on Friday night with a 5-1 victory over second-seeded Rutgers in the first round of the NCAA baseball tournament at Davenport Field.

Defending the title begins.

Oregon State

Stories from Mick the Umpire

My friend Mick is a little league baseball ump and has been for over 25 years. It is an unpaid and entirely selfless avocation, if you want to umpire in the world series. I am always entertained by his knowledge of the baseball rules and how they come into play in a game. He has to know instantly how to call a grounder that is fair when it goes bouncing fair past third base, but goes foul or a fly ball that is fair when it passes third, but goes foul. How to instantly react to base running situations is another puzzle for me, but not for him.

Some of his stories are just human interest stories. Like the time he learned “You do not embarrass the family.” Seems this part Oriental kid about 17 years old came to the plate. He was big for his age, six-three, 230 pounds. Maybe he was having a bad day for when he came to the plate, he didn’t wave his bat once at three straight down-the-pipe pitches. “Strike one!” “Strike two!” “Strike three, yer out and the sides out!”

As his teammates ran from the dugout to take their positions on the field, this big kid wound up the bat like a windmill. Mick says, “Don’t do it.” The kid keeps winding and lets it go. Mick says, If that bat LANDS, you’re gone!

Well it crashes into the dugout wall. “Yer outa here!”, Mick yells.

The kid goes to his dugout done for the day. His mom arrives and asks the manager if she can take him home. “Sure, go ahead.” The kid bends over to pick up his gear and the five foot mama grabs his earlobe and marches him out to the car. She shamed him in front of all his peers.



It’s Murrayhill In The Finals!

Did you watch Murrayhill play Illinois in the semi-finals in Little League Baseball? What a great win for the kids and sad for the losing team, Illinois.

Photo By Ross William Hamilton / The Oregonian

We have a special interest in our Oregon team. One of my wife’s best friends for over 50 years is Cathy DeJarden, sister of Tom DeJarden father of Devon DeJarden. Devon was a hero in one game and helped Derek Keller pitch tonight a combined no-hitter, winning 4 to 3. His grandfather is in a nursing home down near Salem and is considered a real sports fan. I am sure he is very proud of his grand son and the whole team from Beaverton.

There has been some very plucky plays by Jace Fry pitching last night who helped his cause by hitting a double. Tonight, Devon, in a key spot helped his team by getting a key bunt that scored Albert from third. What can you say about Sam Albert. The kid was everywhere with his defense and aggressive base running on offense.

It has been a long time, 1958 to be exact, since Oregon sent a Little League team to the World Series. Rick Wise and Keith Lampard were team heroes then and I went to Madison High with them. I was a year older. Let’s see if Oregon can get the job done this time. If you read this kids, we are all rooting loud for you. Win it for Grandpa DeJardin.

My heart almost broke watching David Hearne, the pitcher for Illinois. He pitched a great game, striking out at least 12 in six innings. With the score tied 2 all, the aggressive play of Albert made it 4 to 2 and it was a real struggle for the Illinois pitcher to hold back the tears.

Murrayhill Devon DeJardin Sam Albert Little League Baseball Beaverton Oregon Mover Mike

Rick Wise and Keith Lampard

In today’s Oregonian, Brian Meehan has a nice reminiscence about Rick Wise. Brian says that

Wise was was the best player on the Rose City Little League team that made the Little League World Series in 1958.

I went to Madison High School from 1959 to 1962, and I recall the years of Rick Wise and that State Championship in 1963. There was another team member that made headlines in those years, Keith Lampard. Born Christopher Keith Lampard in Warrington, England, December 20, 1945.

* Bats Left, Throws Right
* Height 6′ 2″, Weight 197 lb.
* School University of Oregon

My sister Cheryl had a crush on him. Keith and Rick were a mighty duo, one pitching and the other playing outfield and both could slug the ball a mile. My classmates and I spent a lot of hours watching those young men along with players like Jerry Simonson and Jim Shepard. What a season and both Rick and Keith made it to the Bigs. Keith to the Houston Astros in 1969 and 1970.

Baseball Rick WiseKeith Lampard Brian Meehan Mover Mike

Beavers Win!!!

Beavers win national championship. Congrats to a team that never quit. That come from behind win in game two against NC was thrilling, all the time the announcers saying it is very hard to come back if a team gets down 5-0.

Photo by the AP

The pitching in game three for both sides was exciting to watch. The game was so close, it came down to an error and an unearned run.