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More Trouble For Hillary

Benghazi Again

Mover Mike Hit 2,000,000

After an incredible June, Mover Mike hit 2,000,000 page views. I have been blogging since 2004 and it is nice to see that more people are finding this blog. Sometimes, I have considered quitting, thinking why bother, no one reads me. However, conservative fiscally, Libertarian socially, this blog joins many others who don’t like the path the U.S. is on.

No longer can we discuss things rationally and heatedly.  Now it seems the play book says to ignore the message, savage the messenger. We are seeing that currently with Trump and we read that Hillary hasn’t answered the press questions in two weeks. AND…more and more people are considering leaving the country.

Mexico”sends” their unemployed to the U.S.. How long will 93,000,000 unemployed and under employed wait to move south? How long will the drought stricken  in the south west wait to move? What happens when the U.S. becomes like Greece and can’t feed the 43,000,000 on EBT?

Stay tuned, dear reader. I hope to cover it and provide some answers. Thanks for reading Mover Mike

What Difference Does It Make…If I Withhold Critical Information?

– The Washington Times – Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Revelations about the sophistication of former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s secret email system spurred a move in Congress Wednesday to subpoena her records about the Benghazi terrorist attacks, and stirred fresh doubts among Democrats about her presidential bid in 2016.

As the scope of Mrs. Clinton’s private email account became clear, the House Select Committee on Benghazi said it plans to subpoena “Clintonmail.com” for all correspondence related to the 2012 Benghazi consulate attack that killed four Americans. Seven previous congressional investigations did not find any criminality by U.S. officials in their response to the attack, but the discovery of Mrs. Clinton’s private email system is raising questions about whether she fully complied with previous probes.

“Without access to the relevant electronic information and stored data on the server — which was reportedly registered to her home — there is no way the committee, or anyone else, can fully explain why the committee uncovered two email addresses,” Jamal Ware, communications director for the select committee on Benghazi, said in a statement Wednesday. “This is why former Secretary Clinton’s exclusive use of personal emails to conduct official U.S. government business is so problematic and raises significant issues for transparency. The American people have a right to a full accounting of all the former Secretary’s emails,

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Two Buddies


Laugh it up boys!

Laugh it up boys!

The mandate from the 2014 election doesn’t matter as long as these two are buddies.

They Are Coincidences Are They Not?

The insidious links between Beacon Global, CBS, a former CIA Director, and a now aspiring presidential candidate are undeniable, and yet, most in the Mainstream Media have ignored the implications. Lou Dobbs of Fox Business News is among the very few who attempted to outline the dubious relationships. Coincidences? Here is a brief clip of his doing so:

200 Americans In Iraq Surrounded

About 200 Americans under contract with the Department of Defense at Balad Air Force Base in Iraq are trapped by the al-Qaida-inspired jihadists who have seized control of two cities and are now threatening Baghdad, according to WND sources.

Maybe, if they are captured, Obama can trade those who still have their heads, for more Gitmo prisoners. God forbid.

The sources, private contractors who have recently returned to the U.S. from Iraq, said Friday their former colleagues effectively have been abandoned by the U.S. military and are fighting for their lives against an army of jihadists surrounding the base who belong to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS.

They have been abandoned just like in Benghazi. Obama has practiced this maneuver and has it down pat.

The U.S. contractors are at Balad to help the Pentagon prepare the facilities for the delivery of the F-16 aircraft the Obama administration has agreed to provide the Iraqi government.

Really? We are going to give them F-16s.

The surrounded Americans said they currently are under ISIS fire from small arms, AK47s, and rocket propelled grenades, or RPGs.

Probably given to them by Obama’s arm smuggling! And the man who leads ISIS was released from a Iraqi prison in 2009 by Obama. How stupid is he?

See ISIS Terror Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Was Released By Obama from Camp Bucca in 2009

Benghazi Terrorists Used State Department Cell Phones?

From Today’s Rush Limbaugh Show:

RUSH: The terrorists who attacked the US consulate and the CIA annex in Benghazi were using State Department cell phones. Now, wait. They were using cell phones seized from State Department personnel during the attacks. Now, what does that mean? It’s bad enough that the attacks separated our people from their cell phones. It’s bad enough that the bad guys ended up with State Department cell phones and started using them. But what does that mean?

It means that State Department personnel knew exactly what was going on when it was going on. They had real-time evidence because the bad guys were using the State Department cell phone network. “US spy agencies overheard them contacting more senior terrorist leaders to report on the success of the operation.” This is a story from Bret Baier and James Rosen at Fox News. Now, the disclosure is important because it adds to the body of evidence that establishes that senior US officials in the Regime knew early on that Benghazi was a terror attack and not a spontaneous protest over an anti-Islam video that had gone awry, which the Regime claimed for several weeks after the attacks.

This is just another slice of evidence that they knew at the time what this was. This is another bit of evidence that the Obama administration was lying and doing so for weeks in the aftermath. They were listening. The terrorists had State Department cell phones and were reporting their success to their superiors. We were monitoring that network. (interruption) Well, I don’t know about can’t track ’em down. I don’t know if they’re still using State Department cell phones. I don’t know if they have the right chargers. Could be using USB versus Lightning. Who knows what the terrorists have in their tech arsenal.

But this is striking, folks. This is just another couple of exclamation points to illustrate the degree and purposefulness to which this Regime was lying about everything having to do with Benghazi. “The disclosure is important because it adds to the body of evidence establishing that senior U.S. officials in the Obama administration knew early on –” like, at the moment “– that Benghazi was a terrorist attack, and not a spontaneous protest over an anti-Islam video that had gone awry.”

In fact, I’ll tell you what else. This discovery, this revelation explains how the CIA and other intelligence agencies knew in real time that it was a terror attack. They knew it in real time. The CIA. And remember, the CIA was blamed for the early edits of the talking points, which made this a random protest. In other words, folks, they didn’t have to intercept and decode anything. They were able to actually hear the terrorists talking to their terrorist leaders on their own phones.

And note something else. This is something we’ve never known before. This is a new revelation. This is something that has been covered up. Somehow it has been uncovered. It has been revealed. And it’s further proof of why we need this House Select Committee to get out the facts of what happened in Benghazi.


Benghazi! “What Difference Does It Make?”

According to FOX News, South Carolina Representative Trey Gowdy will chair that Select Committee (on Benghazi). Gowdy, a former prosecutor, will speak with FOX News’ Greta van Susteren On the Record tonight at 7 pm ET.

Benghazi Lives

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