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The Difference Between a Good Analyst and a Great Analyst

I came across this piece from Quandl and it got me thinking about about politics and experts and analysts. Quandl is a data site that offers information on thousands of stocks, with historical data going back decades and futures data to help you forecast trends. They created this graphic to help novice analysts get ahead in the industry.
the Difference Between a Good and a Great Analyst

I love to talk politics. My dad and I conversed and analysed and argued about the Vietnam War and every other thing that was worth discussing. Sometimes they were heated. College was a disappointment. I thought there were would be more conversations in depth much like the ones between dad and me. Sadly, that only occurred in the classroom … infrequently. In my adult life, once in a while there is a conversation I look back on with fondness. Those conversations  with new friends or in depth conversations over a fine dinner. Today, it is hard to have conversations when each participant is holding on to biases and attaching their ego to those opinions.

I want to have conversations with great analysts.

When I was a broker, I made the most money for my clients when I could analyse the facts, and draw conclusions from those facts that were outside the norm. If you saw The Big Short you saw great analysts reach conclusions that were farseeing. The consequences of their conclusions were far reaching.made them huge piles of money.

It is one thing to develop a story about the future of Germany or Cuba if you are a citizen, another thing altogether to draw the conclusion that being Jewish in Germany is existential; it is another thing to be Cuban and realize that the door to Spain is the only escape and it will close soon.

To stand in a place and observe that a country that spends more than it takes in and builds up debt to the point that they can barely pay the interest is a good analyst. To be a great analyst it takes courage to conclude that this cannot stand and it’s time to leave.

Great analysts tell stories that are believable and motivate others to take action. Strive to become a great analyst.

Mover Mike Hit 2,000,000

After an incredible June, Mover Mike hit 2,000,000 page views. I have been blogging since 2004 and it is nice to see that more people are finding this blog. Sometimes, I have considered quitting, thinking why bother, no one reads me. However, conservative fiscally, Libertarian socially, this blog joins many others who don’t like the path the U.S. is on.

No longer can we discuss things rationally and heatedly.  Now it seems the play book says to ignore the message, savage the messenger. We are seeing that currently with Trump and we read that Hillary hasn’t answered the press questions in two weeks. AND…more and more people are considering leaving the country.

Mexico”sends” their unemployed to the U.S.. How long will 93,000,000 unemployed and under employed wait to move south? How long will the drought stricken  in the south west wait to move? What happens when the U.S. becomes like Greece and can’t feed the 43,000,000 on EBT?

Stay tuned, dear reader. I hope to cover it and provide some answers. Thanks for reading Mover Mike

Just Right From Carl’s Jr.

George Stephanopoulos Has Forfeited All Trust as a Newsman

Michael Goodwin at the New York Post calls out Stephanopoulos:

My, my, the bigger they are, the dumber they think we are.

Dan Rather of CBS was toppled by a phony document scam. Lyin’ Brian Williams at NBC casually mixed fact with self-aggrandizing fiction. Now George Stephanopoulos is caught in a Clinton web of deceit at ABC.

The hat trick of arrogant anchor scandals helps explain why Americans don’t trust network news. With apologies to Walter Cronkite, that’s the way it is, and the way it is stinks.

Stephanopoulos shares with Rather and Williams the rotten distinction of fessing up only after being exposed by real journalists. In his case, the Washington Free Beacon uncovered his secret donations to the Clinton Foundation and contacted ABC for a response.

That was the honorable thing to do — get the other side of the story before publishing it. But Stephanopoulos ditched his journalistic veneer and reverted to his Clinton White House roots by quickly leaking the info to what he regarded as a more friendly news outlet, Politico.

His track record of secrecy, partisanship and dishonorable behavior blows up his claim that he made an honest mistake. He engaged in a prolonged and brazen act of dishonesty.

Over three years, he gave at least $75,000 to an organization that acts like a political superPAC for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and a tax-free slush fund for the Clinton family and their cronies.

Through their opaque foundation, the Clintons have financial ties to repressive regimes and shady individuals around the world, pocketing many, many millions for themselves. Yet apparently starting when Hillary was Secretary of State, Stephanopoulos made common cause with his former bosses and in the process destroyed any credibility he built as a news anchor and moderator for ABC.

He made two unforgivable decisions: He didn’t tell his bosses about the donations and he didn’t tell viewers that he had given money to the foundation even as he reported on it and the Clintons.

At most news organizations, either would be a fireable offense. Either would be a fireable offense at ABC for someone less important.

But he may too big to fire, at least quickly, so the network’s defense of him could be a trial balloon to gauge the fallout.

Even a brief tally of recent offenses makes a compelling case. On April 26, Stephanopoulos grilled Peter Schweizer, the author of the sensational “Clinton Cash,” pressing him to admit the book contains no “smoking gun.”

The implication was that, if it’s not indictable, it’s not important. That’s a legal test, not a journalistic or political one, yet Stephanopoulos cleverly used that standard to give the Clintons the all-clear.

The anchor also cited Schweizer’s “partisan interest,” noting that Schweizer was a speechwriter for President George W. Bush.

But as a columnist in the Washington Post noted at the time, Stephanopoulos never told viewers that he had worked for the Clintons and had defended them in many scandals. Like the Clintons themselves, he acted as if the rules only apply to others.

Two days later, Jon Stewart had Stephanopoulos on his show to talk about news coverage and the Clinton Foundation. To watch a video of the segment is to wonder whether Stephanopoulos fears Stewart knows about the contributions and will bring them up. The lack of disclosure now makes Stewart look like a chump.

Indeed, every story Stephanopoulos has ever done about the Clintons, their critics and other politicians is now suspect. What did he make of her vanishing emails? Benghazi? Her entire tenure at State? What did he say about her Republican opponents?

To suggest, as Stephanopoulos and ABC do, that disclosing the contributions would have meant going “the extra mile” is preposterous.

Disclosing something so fundamental is not extra. It’s basic. High school newspapers have stricter conflict-of-interest rules.

Almost as egregious, ABC’s “punishment” is that Stephanopoulos will not take part in a GOP debate. Big whoop. It misses the point, as does the New York Times’ coverage highlighting Republican complaints.

The breach is clearly partisan, but that is secondary. First and foremost, it is a disqualifying violation of professional ethics, and trying to remedy it by setting partisan boundaries compounds the mess.

Are we supposed to trust Stephanopoulos on some stories but not others? Will ABC put a graphic on the screen to signal when their man is playing it straight?

Hillary Clinton’s Democratic rivals also are victimized by his conflicts. All other journalists at ABC, some of whom are dependent on Stephanopoulos for air time, are tainted by his donations.

ABC needs to face the truth. Stephanopoulos has forfeited all trust as a newsman, period, end of story.

George Stephanopoulos

George Stephanopoulos

George Stephanopoulos

Back on February 2, 2005

I sent this email to ABC News today

KOPPEL’S POSSIBLE A.M. SHIFT, Please make it true. I used to watch the Sunday morning program with my coffee, Sam and Cokie, and George Will. Then you brought in the “shill”(George Stephanopoulos). I told you I would stop watching. I emailed you to get rid of George whenever I saw that the show’s ratings were declining. I told you I was still not watching. Well, now you are considering Ted Koppel and I will be back, when George is gone. You see I don’t need to see my news filtered through the eyes of a Clinton flack or apologist for the ex-president and the coming campaign for Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. (NYT please note the accuracy).

Mover Mike

I told you he was a shill for the Clintons. Now ABC you have a gigantic POS problem.

Lara Logan Rushed to Hospital

Lara Logan Photo: Getty Images

Lara Logan
Photo: Getty Images

CBS News correspondent Lara Logan has been rushed to a DC area hospital, suffering from internal bleeding.

Logan, a correspondent for “60 Minutes,” was admitted to the hospital on Wednesday with digestive disease diverticulitis and internal bleeding, a network source told Page Six.

The source said her condition could have been brought on by stress, and Logan, 43, is expected to remain in the hospital for at least a few days to recover.

Current Culture

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Obama’s Legacy of Looters

From To The Point News Written by Jack Kelly
Wednesday, 03 December 2014

A black man, Jermaine Jones, 29, was gunned down in the street on the outskirts of Ferguson, Missouri Oct. 18, a few hours after his sister, Margaree Dixson, 35, had been shot half a mile away.

If this is the first you’ve heard about these murders, it’s because their killers also were black.

To most in the news media, “black deaths matter only if the killer is a white cop,” said Italian journalist Enza Ferrerri.

Which doesn’t happen very often. Of 1,265 people killed in St. Louis between 2003 and 2012, 1,138 (89.9%) were black, according to University of Missouri-St. Louis criminologist David Klinger, a former police officer.

About 90% of the black decedents (1,025) were slain by other blacks, his research indicates. Thirty two of them were killed by police officers; 22 of those 32 (1.93% of 1,138) by white cops.

Between 1976 and 2011, 7,982 blacks were murdered each year, on average – 94 % by other blacks, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. During that time, some 227 blacks were shot by police each year.

It’s probable that in a few of these police shootings, excessive force was used. So if a consequence of the news media’s obsessive coverage of the shooting of Michael Brown, 18, who was black, by Officer Darren Wilson, who is white, in Ferguson Aug. 9 is more widespread use of bodycams by police, that would be good.

But to assert – as the Obama administration and so many in the news media have – that racially motivated shootings by police are commonplace, and this was one of them – is vile.

Young black males are 21 times more likely to be shot dead by police than are young white males, says Pro Publica. But since more than two thirds of police officers are white, and blacks commit about half of violent crimes, it’s statistically probable most police shootings would involve a white cop and a black suspect.

In St. Louis, black cops have shot black suspects at essentially the same rate as have white cops, Prof. Klinger’s data indicate.

No statistical evidence supports the charge white cops routinely abuse black suspects. But did Officer Wilson use excessive force against Michael Brown? Economist Thomas Sowell (who is black) notes:

“What the grand jury had, that the rest of us did not have until the grand jury’s decision was announced, was a set of physical facts that told a story that was independent of what anybody said.

Moreover, the physical facts were consistent with what a number of black witnesses said under oath, despite expressing fears for their own safety for contradicting what those in the rampaging mobs were saying.”

Despite this, liberal journalists on the “Meet the Press” program last Sunday (11/30) were aghast when National Review’s Rich Lowry said the lesson of Ferguson was, “Don’t fight with a policeman when he stops you and try to take his gun.”

Even if Officer Wilson had been wearing a bodycam, it wouldn’t have mattered to these journalists, who were “too invested in the white-racism morality play to let facts – even videotaped facts – get in the way” said Mona Charen of the Ethics and Public Policy Center.

Even more despicable are those who’ve made excuses for what took place after the grand jury refused to indict Officer Wilson for a crime it was clear he hadn’t committed.

Rioters and looters – who destroyed mostly black businesses and burned down a black church – aren’t “protesters” who are “trying to make their voices heard.” They’re criminals.

“There is no excuse for people to be out there burning down people’s businesses, burning down police cars,” former NBA star Charles Barkley told a Philadelphia radio station.

“If the history of other communities ravaged by riots in years past is any indication, there are blacks yet unborn who will be paying the price of these riots for years to come, Mr. Sowell said.

“Inflammatory rhetoric” from the Obama administration “fans racial discord,” said Milwaukee County (Wis) Sheriff David Clarke, who is black.

Charles Hurt at Breitbart calls what’s happened in Ferguson and elsewhere “The Obama Riots.” That’s what history should label them and they are his legacy.

Jack Kelly is a former Marine and Green Beret and a former deputy assistant secretary of the Air Force in the Reagan administration. He is national security writer for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Lara Logan On 60 Minutes Sunday

The Ebola Hot Zone – Lara Logan reports from an Ebola treatment center run by the International Medical Corps in Liberia, where Americans are fighting the battle against the deadly disease. Watch a preview.

Rats And A Sinking Ship

Julia Pierson, the director of the Secret Service, resigns

Julia Pierson, the director of the Secret Service, resigns

Julia Pierson, the director of the Secret Service, is resigning in the wake of several security breaches.

Ms. Pierson offered her resignation on Wednesday during a meeting with Jeh C. Johnson, the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, the agency that oversees the Secret Service. The resignation came less than a day after lawmakers from both parties assailed Ms. Pierson’s leadership and said they feared for the lives of the president and others in the protection of the agency.

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