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Oil War Breaking Out! What Saudi Arabia’s Latest Salvo Means to You

Mike Larson writes at Money & Markets about the cause of the oil price decline.

Bottom line: I wouldn’t panic if I were holding U.S. energy stocks. This multi-year trend toward increased American energy independence isn’t going away.

Saudi Stocks, Currency Tumble As Aramco Pipeline Explodes; ISIS Sabotage Concerns

Oil already has risen $2.5 off the lows.

John Kerry, It is All About John Kerry!

John Kerry

John Kerry

John Kerry, he fought in Viet Nam, is an ass. The latest peace initiative was all about him and getting a Nobel Peace Prize, so says Ulsterman in DC Whispers. Imagine,

“I can forget that peace prize, right? What a g*damn mess this whole thing is.  He (Netanyahu) could give a sh*t about any of it.  He’s out of control. He’s a war monger…a war monger. Waging war is all he seems to care about.  It’s about keeping his own people terrified so he can remain Prime Minister. It’s an impossible situation because he’s being so…he won’t compromise a damn thing!He’s happy to see thousands, tens of thousands dead. You can’t deal with people like that.  What am I supposed to do with this?  If we don’t fix this thing, this is what I’m gonna be remembered for, and that’s not right. I don’t deserve this. I want this out of the news before September. We need this resolved.  It isn’t helping any of us. This needs to be put to bed – now.”

No, John Kerry, Netanyahu is all about keeping his people from being annihilated. You fail to understand that Hamas, Qater, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran want Israel destroyed.  If missiles were flying into the U.S. from Cuba, I hope you would destroy Cuba to protect us. But, you wouldn’t would you. We are being invaded at our southern border, but you and Obama could give a sh*t!

More About Oil From TedBits

I just published a post here about crude oil and the price breaking out of a rising wedge. Let’s step back and look at the BIG picture of oil over the last four years. That little rising wedge is nothing compared to the trading of the last four years. We could be looking at $150 oil and $6 or more for gasoline at the pump. The following is from TedBits free newsletter:


The unrest unfolding in the Middle East has far more implications for the price of energy than can be seen in the mild breakout of recent TRADING ranges actually portends an explosive move in energy markets.  A rising wedge can be clearly seen and OIL is COILED for an explosive move higher.  Take a look at this weekly chart formation:

2011             2012                  2013                  2014                  2015

This pattern has been under construction for almost 4 ½ years and it is a rising wedge.  When we move through the high trend line priced should quickly move $20 dollars a barrel and ultimately should move at least 40 dollars higher.  During the time it was being formed we have seen shale oil production in the US skyrocket, while production out of OPEC members Libya, Iran, Nigeria, and Venezuela (don’t leave Mexico out where production has declined by over 1 million barrels a day) tumbling with losses of production outpacing the increases.  Now Oil production looks set to tumble in Iraq as it breaks apart before our eyes.  The IEA expects Oil consumption is set to rise about 6.58 million barrels a day by 2018, with most of the additional supply forecast to come out of North America and Iraq.  Forecasted supply and demand growth per year:

Do you really think any investment is going to enter Iraq?  Do you think the ISIS will attack the oil fields of their foes?  Do you think instability or stability will grow in the Middle East?  My bet is on INSTABILITY!  Do you think this will be good for economic growth?

Solar Energy Sector ETF Breaking Out – How to Trade It

During the past couple months several indexes, sectors and commodities have sold off more than 10 – 20%. But now some are looking like new buying opportunities. Over the next week I will bring a few of these trades to your attention as they start to unfold.
Today we are looking at the TAN solar energy ETF. This sector recently had a 23% hair cut in price. A 20-25% correction in price is a typical intermediate correction for a fast moving sector. The price correction has pulled the sector down to its 150 and 200 simple day moving averages. These levels tend to act as long term support for investors, a buying point.

Many of the individual stocks within this sector are starting to pop and breakout of bullish price patterns. These individual stock prices point to higher prices for TAN going forward.

Be aware of crude oil…. I do think that as long as the price of crude oil stays up solar stocks will continue to rise overall. But if oil starts to roll over and break down, TAN will struggle.

My Technical Take on The Chart:

Big picture analysis shows a powerful uptrend with bullish consolidation.

Intermediate analysis shows a falling bullish wedge, test of moving averages, and a reversal breakout pattern.


Short term analysis shows we are at a resistance level and we will likely see a pause of pullback over the next few days before it goes higher.


TAN Trading Conclusion:

If price closed back below the $39.00 I would consider this bounce/rally failed.

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Chris Vermeulen

Disclaimer: I do not own shares of TAN as this point, but may buy some in the near future.


Chris Vermeulen
Founder of Technical Traders Ltd. – Partnership Program

Solar Power Is Here


Solar power is booming! Spurred by a 60% drop in solar panel costs in the last 2 ½ years, robust government subsidies and a technology that no longer appears experimental to mainstream America, rooftop photovoltaic solar is bursting out everywhere. About 200,000 U.S. homes and businesses added rooftop solar in the past two years alone – about 3 gigawatts of power and enough to replace four or five conventionally-sized coal plants. The U.S. is now generating via solar panels almost 10 gigawatts each year. That’s enough to power 1.5 million average American homes; that’s the equivalent of removing 1.9 million cars from the road; that’s like planting 236,000,000 trees.

Yet solar power provides less than 1 percent of the nation’s energy needs. Even in Oregon! Though our state has a reputation for clouds and rain, western Oregon actually receives as much solar energy as the national average. During a year’s time, an Oregon solar system will produce as much energy as the same system installed in Florida.

PGE says that solar systems generally cost $4.50 to $6 per watt. Home solar system sizes vary, but most are 1,000 watts to 4,000 watts (1 kW to 4 kW). As an example, a 2,000-watt (2 kW) solar system would cost about $9,000 to $12,000. There are two ways to offset the cost. The first option is Net Metering Billing which lets you offset the cost of the electricity you use from your local utility with the energy you generate. The second is the Solar Payment Option. Your utility pays you for the power you generate up to the amount of electricity you use.

Some utilities are changing the rules. They want to charge a fee for using the Net Metering Billing method. They are experiencing a decline in revenue that is threatening their ratings. Expect more organizations like Green Tea, a pro-solar group in Georgia consisting of Sierra Club members and Tea Party founders, to fight for consumers’ rights.

If you would like to investigate solar power for your home, why not click the right-sidebar HomeSolar101 banner for a free quote?

Wow! Another Demand For Gold

“Scientists from the University of Saint Andrews in Scotland recently made a breakthrough in the production of EV lithium-ion batteries by adding gold to the mix. The team previously discovered that an air-breathing lithium-ion battery could potentially store up to 10x times the energy that standard lithium-ion batteries do, but they hadn’t figured out what materials would make the right combination. They now believe that gold could be the key, as it can stand up to the rigors of repeated charging and discharging.”

Read more: Gold-Infused Lithium-Ion Batteries Could Increase EV Battery Range | Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

Who’s Working For America?

China makes deal for Canada’s oil that should be flowing down the Keystone Pipeline to the Gulf.

Ah Ethanol!

Max Redline nails the fallacy of ethanol in The Miracle Of Ethanol

For $775 Million Amazon buys Kiva’s Robots

Did You Cast The Wrong Vote In 2008?

Try not to vote illogically again!

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