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When you get to be my age, it is easy to look back on a well-lived life and have some regrets. My biggest regret is embodied in the saying, “I earned lots of money when I was young and spent it all on wine, women and song. The rest I just wasted.” Actually, I don’t have any real regrets, because all the roads I took led me to my wife of 22 years.

What got me to thinking about regrets was a recent article in “Forbes Magazine” titled 7 Financial Decisions Made In Your 30s That May Haunt You In Your 50s. Let’s take a look at the seven.

  1. The Company You Work For – You will have many things to consider when you choose a company, but retirement benefits are important
  2. Your Starting Salary – “…a salary of $55,000 instead of $50,000 (with 5% increases each year) would earn over $600,000 more in income over a 40-year career.
  3. Your Choice Of A Partner – Let me tell you from personal experience, divorce is expensive. You lose half of your assets and your half may turn out not to be equal her half. Compatibility about money plays a role as well. If both of you are careless with money, it will be harder than if you tend to be opposites. That goes for respect for risk as well.
  4. When You Have Children – Here Forbes offers this thought: “Consider a couple that has children when they are 25 years old. Before they hit their 50s, their kids are past the very expensive college years. These parents, still young themselves, have 15 years to focus on their own retirement savings if they plan to retire at 65. Couples that have children when they are 35 years old may not see the light at the end of the “empty nest” tunnel until they are 60—much closer to retirement age.
  5. How You Invest – Management fees can eat you up. “Make sure you weigh the long-term impact of fees when investing; consider choosing low-cost mutual funds or index funds for retirement savings.”
  6. Whether You Rent or Buy A House – This may depend on whether mobility is important. Generally the nearer you are to retirement the more desirable it is to have fixed housing costs. A fixed-mortgage at 5% is a risk the banks are taking, not you.
  7. How To Pay Attention To Your Dollars – Track your expenses with any of the online apps. When tracking, you can more easily identify areas for cost savings and put those savings toward your financial goals.

Now Forbes did a fine job with those seven, but there are two more that are important.

  1. Remember the Power Of Compound Interest – If, starting at 19 years old you put $2,000 away in an IRA each year for seven years and never put in another dime, you would have more money in your IRA than another man who started putting in $2,000 every year beginning when he was 26. He would have invested $80,000 to your $14,000 and you would have almost $1 million.
  2. Gone are the days of the briefcase – Men today need a way to carry things like a computer, pencils and pens, sharpie pens, medicine, breath mints, chapstick, business cards, passport, change, headphones, iPhone, external hard drive, glasses, sunglasses, notebook, and Kindle. Why not buy yourself a “murse,” a mans’s purse or travel bag. Cowboys called them saddle bags.

Twitch’s Effect on the Tech Titans

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If you’re not familiar with Twitch, it is a video game playing business that attracts 55 million unique viewers a month. That’s enough viewers to put it among the 15 most heavily trafficked websites in the world.

So what exactly is Twitch and why did Amazon.com Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) shell out close to $1 billion to buy this company? Here is my take, young men’s eyeballs. Young men are some of the hardest demographics to track for advertisers. The combination of Amazon and Twitch could be a killer combination for Amazon to sell products to this particular demographic.

So how does Twitch make money? The company shares its advertising revenue with people who broadcast over its service. While the audiences for some broadcasters are so small they make little money, on the other side of the coin, some broadcasters are said to earn over six figures a year.

After making the deal with Twitch, Jeff Bezos, the chief executive of Amazon, said in a statement, “Broadcasting and watching gameplay is a global phenomenon, and Twitch has built a platform that brings together tens of millions of people who watch billions of minutes of games each month.”

For many people over 40, watching gameplay or playing video games on a consul or computer is not in their genes. However, in the hard-to-reach demographics of young males, this could be a fantastic deal for Amazon. At peak viewing times, Twitch rivals many leading cable networks including MTV, Comedy Central and MSNBC.

Amazon’s business model is ever-expanding, taking in all kinds of different platforms to change and to market products. The move into video gaming/entertainment is new and could help sell more products, but I think the bigger picture for Amazon is in entertainment and advertising.

In my opinion, this is an excellent move for Amazon.com Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN), who beat out Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) for this video gaming/watching/playing company. That leads me to another question, is Google losing its mojo and on the decline?

Technically, while the trend is still positive for Google, at the moment it looks like it has run out of steam. Amazon on the other hand has actually increased its acceleration on the upside, especially with today’s announced purchase of Twitch.

Amazon has huge ambitions for the Twitch platform and while they say they won’t change the platform dramatically, you can bet they will tweak it here and there.

Maybe Amazon’s new tagline should be “Game On”.

Giving You the Storage Alternatives You Need

Port container

Steel Container

Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, there is always a battle to have enough space. When you don’t have the storage capacity you need on site, port containers can provide you with an ideal alternative to suit your needs. Choose from steel containers offered in a variety of sizes in order to accommodate your storage requirements. It’s a simple way to take care of a temporary situation, keeping valuables protected and secure for as long as necessary. Regardless of how long you need additional storage, your container can be used on a short-term or long-term basis.

Making Storage Space Available
When you need additional storage, opt for containers. It’s quick and easy, providing you access to a container that can withstand the elements and has an adequate capacity. Whether you choose to rent a container for a short term or prefer to buy for a permanent solution, you can tailor your storage solution. Your container is the perfect alternative when you are dealing with nonperishables. From clothing to furniture, an estate, or office equipment, you can rest assured that there is a place for everything.

Bring the Storage Solution to You
When you turn to a company that focuses on providing containers in various sizes, you can count on delivery when you need it. Specify the location and your container can come to you. Choose the length of time as well for your rental or make a purchase when you seek a permanent solution. When you opt to buy, you can choose from new and used containers in order to suit your budget.

Keep Your Valuables Secure
When you need to store your belongings, whether they are personal items or inventory for a business, you want to rest assured that they are protected. Turning to a storage facility does not allow you to keep an eye on your valuables. Opt for a container and you take control of your items. You can add security locks as an added level of protection. Make sure your containers are of the best quality and you won’t need to worry about damage from the environment. Container storage allows you to take control of your storage needs. Stack your containers or transport them when necessary. Keep them on site for the duration or use them for a brief time until there’s no longer a need. Your storage is up to you and containers make your life easier.

U-Socket USB Wallplug

Here’s a cool gadget: the U-Socket USB Wallplug. Right now I’m looking at my wall plug by my desk. I have one plug for my Power strip and one plug dedicated to my cell phone charger. How much more simple it would be to have this USB Wallplug throughout the house.

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