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Menominee Township Michigan Crevice

Remember this:

600 Foot Crack Opens In Michigan Woods

In Menominee Township, Michigan “A large crevice, stretching almost two football fields, suddenly appeared in the woods near Birch Creek earlier this week.” “It all started early Monday morning between 8 & 9 a.m. Central time, when Eileen and her neighbors heard a loud boom, and that’s when Eileen felt her house start to shake.”

Well, now the mystery may be solved.

A mystery from Menominee, Michigan may be closer to being solved.

A large crack opened in the ground more than five years ago. It was originally thought to be the result of an earthquake. But now there’s another theory.

Eileen Heider remembers the jolt like it was yesterday.

“I was sitting watching television on my recliner, and I start moving. It was weird. Maybe only lasted 15 seconds, but it was moving,” Heider said.

Heider says a large crack in the ground opened on her Menominee Township property in October of 2010. She thought it was an earthquake.

“Yeah, that’s what I kind of thought,” said Heider.

Over the last five years, scientists and students from Michigan Tech examined the area.

“When I got there I was completely shocked by what I saw,” said Wayne Pennington, Michigan Tech Dean of Engineering.

Pennington says it was no typical earthquake.

“The crack is remarkable, but the ridge, a six-foot-high ridge, the length of a football field. That doesn’t happen easily inside the earth,” he said.

Pennington says underground pressure on the limestone rock in the area was released, allowing the crack to form. The scientific term is a geological pop-up.

“Usually it’s caused by the removal of a glacier. But the glacier left here 11,000 years ago. So why did it wait until 2010 to happen?” asked Pennington.

Pennington says there are other less likely theories as to what caused the pop-up. He says the event is unique, and very rare.

“All the stress in that area has been relieved. If it was waiting 11,000 years for the final trigger, there’s not a lot more stress there waiting to happen,” said Pennington.

Meanwhile, Eileen Heider says she’s happy to share her backyard with some geologic history.

“It’s kind of a neat thing in some ways. As long as nobody got hurt, that’s what counts,” she said.

Heider says it was lucky the crack popped up where it did, and not near her home at the top of the hill.

As far as the earthquake, scientists say it did register on a seismograph.

Three Oregon Quakes

  1. 4.8

    178km W of Bandon, Oregon

    2016-11-28 11:07:53 (UTC)

  2. 4.9

    221km W of Bandon, Oregon

    2016-11-28 04:34:42 (UTC)

  3. 2.4

    14km NNW of Bandon, Oregon

    2016-11-28 02:06:37 (UTC)

Three Offshore Oregon Quakes

  1. 4.8

    Off the coast of Oregon

    2016-10-09 19:08:47 (UTC)

  2. 4.1

    Off the coast of Oregon

    2016-10-09 18:51:59 (UTC)

  3. 4.1

    Off the coast of Oregon

    2016-10-09 14:18:36 (UTC)

Oregon Earthquake

M 3.0 – 4km WNW of Woodburn, Oregon

An earthquake hit near Woodburn around 9:30 p.m. Monday, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

The minor quake — approximately magnitude-3 — hit about 2 miles west of Interstate 5 near Woodburn Premium Outlets. The quake was about 14.8 miles deep.

No damage was reported immediately after the temblor.

Moderate Earthquakes Shook the Coast

Moderate Earthquakes Shook the Coast

Grant Butler of the Oregonian  reports, “A pair of moderate earthquakes shook the coast of Northern California and Southwest Oregon late Saturday and Sunday morning.According to the United States Geological Survey, a 5.0 earthquake occurred at 10:01 p.m. Saturday in the Pacific Ocean about 93 miles southwest of Gold Beach, Oregon, or about 124 miles to the Northwest of Eureka, California.

“The quake was followed by a 4.6 earthquake that hit at 2:50 a.m. Sunday off the Oregon Coast approximately 97 miles west of Brookings.

“Neither earthquake prompted tsunami advisories from the National Tsunami Warning Center.”

Mt Hood Swarm

Mt Hood Swarm

Mt Hood Swarm

Wired reports at Oregon’s Mt. Hood, the USGS has noticed a swarm of small earthquakes (all less than M2) that started on Sunday.

Right now, the earthquake swarm at Mt. Hood is centeredjust to the south of the main edifice (see below) and most of the earthquakes are between 3 and 5 kilometers below the surface. This is likely the zone where magma is being staged as it ascends from its source. Research by Adam Kent and others (including myself) has found that the magmatic system beneath Hood is likely dominated by a big pile of high silica crystals and magma (the crystal mush) that then interacts with new, hotter and less silica-rich magma that intrudes, producing a hybrid magma that compositionally is in between the two. These earthquakes may be a sign of new magma rising and stalling in that “crystal mush”—but very little of the time is the system in a state that it can erupt.

Oregon Earthquakes

Oregon Earthquakes: in the last 30 days the northern corner of Nevada near Lakeview has experienced 24 earthquakes, the biggest was on 12/6 with a magnitude of 4.1.

Off the coast of Oregon there have been four with the two biggest on 12/7 measuring 3.6.

4.4 Quake Off Oregon Coast

M 4.4 – 262km WNW of Bandon, Oregon

43.723°N 127.545°W
10.0 km

La Pine Swarm

La PIne quakes on 10-22

La PIne quakes on 10-22

Today La Pine Oregon has experienced a small swarm of 25 30 quakes. The biggest has been a 2.5 magnitude.

UPDATE: The last four quakes have been 2.0+

Nevada Quakes

Nevada Quakes

Nevada Quakes

Yesterday, the corner of Nevada closest to the border of Oregon and California, had the second largest earthquake in 30 days, a 4.2 magnitude. In the last 30 days there have been 40 quakes over 2.5, 62 quakes of all magnitudes in the last seven days and 20 quakes, including the 4.2, in just the last day. The largest quake was a 4.7 on September 14th. Scientists are puzzled

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