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The Difference Between a Good Analyst and a Great Analyst

I came across this piece from Quandl and it got me thinking about about politics and experts and analysts. Quandl is a data site that offers information on thousands of stocks, with historical data going back decades and futures data to help you forecast trends. They created this graphic to help novice analysts get ahead in the industry.
the Difference Between a Good and a Great Analyst

I love to talk politics. My dad and I conversed and analysed and argued about the Vietnam War and every other thing that was worth discussing. Sometimes they were heated. College was a disappointment. I thought there were would be more conversations in depth much like the ones between dad and me. Sadly, that only occurred in the classroom … infrequently. In my adult life, once in a while there is a conversation I look back on with fondness. Those conversations  with new friends or in depth conversations over a fine dinner. Today, it is hard to have conversations when each participant is holding on to biases and attaching their ego to those opinions.

I want to have conversations with great analysts.

When I was a broker, I made the most money for my clients when I could analyse the facts, and draw conclusions from those facts that were outside the norm. If you saw The Big Short you saw great analysts reach conclusions that were farseeing. The consequences of their conclusions were far reaching.made them huge piles of money.

It is one thing to develop a story about the future of Germany or Cuba if you are a citizen, another thing altogether to draw the conclusion that being Jewish in Germany is existential; it is another thing to be Cuban and realize that the door to Spain is the only escape and it will close soon.

To stand in a place and observe that a country that spends more than it takes in and builds up debt to the point that they can barely pay the interest is a good analyst. To be a great analyst it takes courage to conclude that this cannot stand and it’s time to leave.

Great analysts tell stories that are believable and motivate others to take action. Strive to become a great analyst.

Mover Mike Hit 2,000,000

After an incredible June, Mover Mike hit 2,000,000 page views. I have been blogging since 2004 and it is nice to see that more people are finding this blog. Sometimes, I have considered quitting, thinking why bother, no one reads me. However, conservative fiscally, Libertarian socially, this blog joins many others who don’t like the path the U.S. is on.

No longer can we discuss things rationally and heatedly.  Now it seems the play book says to ignore the message, savage the messenger. We are seeing that currently with Trump and we read that Hillary hasn’t answered the press questions in two weeks. AND…more and more people are considering leaving the country.

Mexico”sends” their unemployed to the U.S.. How long will 93,000,000 unemployed and under employed wait to move south? How long will the drought stricken  in the south west wait to move? What happens when the U.S. becomes like Greece and can’t feed the 43,000,000 on EBT?

Stay tuned, dear reader. I hope to cover it and provide some answers. Thanks for reading Mover Mike

Dinner with John and Helen

Home Ownership rate

Home Ownership rate

We were invited to have dinner with our neighbors John and Helen on Thursday before we left Portland. It was a very nice thing to do. We had slaved all day packing, cleaning and taking furniture and stuff to storage. The food was delicious and the conversation was lively. Both John and Helen were optimistic about the economy and disagreed of my harsh assessment. Of course we disagreed about Obama, and global warming, too.

I see the possibility of the US collapsing into another depression. That was one reason we were happy to have sold our house so rapidly.

Tonight, I just pulled up an article at Zero Hedge by Michael Snyder via The Economic Collapse blog. He writes:
“If our economy was working the way that it should, the middle class would be thriving.

“But instead, it is being systematically destroyed. If you doubt this, I have some statistics that I would like to share with you. The following facts come from my previous article entitled “The Death Of The American Dream In 22 Numbers“…

“#1 The Obama administration tells us that 8.69 million Americans are “officially unemployed” and that 92.90 million Americans are considered to be “not in the labor force”. That means that more than 101 million U.S. adults do not have a job right now.

“#2 One recent survey discovered that 55 percent of Americans believe that the American Dream either never existed or that it no longer exists.

“#3 Considering the fact that Obama is in the White House, it is somewhat surprising that 55 percent of all Republicans still believe in the American Dream, but only 33 percent of all Democrats do.

“#4 After adjusting for inflation, median household income has fallen by nearly $5,000 since 2007.

“#5 After adjusting for inflation, “the median wealth figure for middle-income families” fell from $78,000 in 1983 to $63,800 in 2013.

“#6 At this point, 59 percent of Americans believe that “the American dream has become impossible for most people to achieve”.

“You can read the rest of that article right here.”

We will miss the lively discussions with John and Helen. We will have to wait awhile to see who is right. Being right in my case would not make me happy.

Map Of Locations To Which Feds Are Shipping Illegal Alien Minors

Red flag has an interactive map of destinations of illegal alien minors in the USA. Here in Oregon it’s Morrison Child & Family Services

How do you feel about this “bigger than Normandy” Invasion?

Does Obama Live In Disneyland?

In a talk with from Tumblr users at the White House on Wednesday, Obama said 

“I mean, the truth of the matter is that for all the challenges we face, all the problems that we have, if you had to be — if you had to choose any moment to be born in human history, not knowing what your position was going to be, who you were going to be, you’d choose this time. The world is less violent than it has ever been. It is healthier than it has ever been. It is more tolerant than it has ever been. It is better fed then it’s ever been. It is more educated than it’s ever been.”(emphasis added)

Most would disagree. Practically every country is at war with some other country, and it feels like we are on the edge of World War III. The whole middle east could blow up at any time. Iran is at the doorstep of nuclear weapons. The U.S. is meddling in the Ukraine. Japan and China are at loggerheads. We have Russian bombers flying 50 miles off the California coast and any day we could have an EMP attack that would indirectly kill 100 million Americans. Then there’s our southern border…don’t get me started.

This is the first time in our history that one generation will not live better than their parents. And as far as better fed, we have 47 million Americans that are dependent on the government for food.



Those Nasty Republicans!

On August 14, 2013 Nancy Pelosi accused Republicans of taking “food from the mouths of children” in a “wrong-headed approach” to cut food assistance programs.

Did you know “The food stamp bill passed by the Republican-controlled House of Representatives earlier this month, widely criticized for supposedly cutting the nutrition assistance program to the poor, would actually raise spending over the next decade by 57%, to $725 billion from the $461.7 billion that was spent on the program in the last decade”…?

The Democrats planned a $764 billion increase over 10 years. Remember over the last decade we spent $461.7 billion! Those conservative Republicans, those dirty, child killers and right -wingers want to cut $39 billion over ten years. All that yelling and screaming and frothing over an increase of 57% instead of a 65% increase proposed by Democrats.!

Chart Of The Day: Happy Unlabor Day

130 Million NOT working, almost 50 million on food stamps!


11 Intelligence Killing Foods

“…some foods are known to have a devastating effect on your brain functioning, and nutritionists advise us to consume them moderately in order to limit their negative impact.”

I’m stupid to eat the first on the list!

  • 1. Sugary Foods – that means that Jolly Rancher hard candies are out, as are Bighunks
  • 2. Alcohol
  • 3. Junk Food – Cheetos, large strawberry milk shakes
  • 4. Fried Foods – French fries, potato chips
  • 5. Processed Or Pre-Cooked Foods – TV dinners
  • 6. Very Salty Foods – Cheetos, Ruffles and Classics
  • 7. Grains, Except 100% Whole Grain
  • 8. Processed Proteins – Costco hot dogs
  • 9. Avoid Trans Fats At All Costs – I couldn’t identify a trans fat if my life depended on it. Is it time for ice cream?
  • 10. Artificial Sweeteners
  • 11. Nicotine

Why are Cheetos and Costco hot dogs out, not broccoli, lima beans, brussel sprouts, egg plant and mushrooms? Why can’t Pepperoni Pizza be a preferred food?


This Is Nuts!

While looking up Tim Iacono in recent Mover Mike postings, I reported in December 2010 that including D.C., Oregon was fifth in the nation at using food stamps. Oregon had 19.3% of its population on food stamps. By May, 2011, Oregon had advanced to #2 among states with the Percentage of Population on Food Stamps at 20.1 percent. Annual Change in Food Stamps from 2010 equaled 9.6 percent. By November 2011, 20.7% of Oregon’s population was on food stamps.

KGW reported on September 12, 2012: Some 17 states showed statistically significant increases in the poverty rate, led by Louisiana, Oregon, Arizona, Georgia and Hawaii.

For September 2012, 820,459 or about 21.5% of Oregon’s population is using food stamps. Does that put us at #1? We can finally shout, “We’re #1, we’re #1!” What a great accomplishment! Do you ever get tired of the politicians in charge? Do you ever think touching the hot stove is not getting different results?

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