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Unintended Consequences

Over at Landfair Furniture (Blog), Bev writes about The Resort Effect may be one consequence of higher gas prices.

Sleeping Alone

Bev at Landfair Furniture (Blog) has an interesting take on sleeping alone.

Sleeping Alone Mover Mike


Hi Tech Textiles

Check out Landfair Furniture (Blog)’s post about Light-emitting shirts!

San Gimignano…Under Siege

Landfair Furniture (Blog) has a post about changes due to tourists in San Gimignano, one of our favorite cities.

San Gimignano Landfair Furniture (Blog Mover Mike

When A Problem Occurs, Fix It!

Bev at Landfair Furniture (Blog) writes of the Portland City Grill restauranteer who knows that mistakes can happen, but knows how to win customers back.

Five Design Styles

Over at Landfair Furniture (Blog), Beverly has just concluded a review of design styles and themes that cover five design styles used in the interior design world: Traditional, Country, Modern, Exotic and Oriental from from the September, 2005 Home Accents Today Anniversary Issue with permission from Kara Cox.

Traditional design Modern design Exotic design Oriental design

Who’s Riding Shotgun?

Over at Landfair Furniture (Blog), Bev writes of a trucker that was attacked in Who’s Riding Shotgun?

Human Interest

Carnival of the Capitalists 7-25-05

The Carnival of the Capitalists is up hosted by Political Calculations. Both Mover Mike and Landfair Furniture are represented.

Who is Christopher Bates of fauxcade

Landfair Furniture has posted about Christopher Bates at fauxcade and his large-scale architectural sculptures.

Designer Marcie Harris, Interviewed

Bev at Landfair Furniture has posted the fourth in her series of interviews with Top Designers of 2004, Marcie Harris. Harris has some very interesting things to say about incorporating “Universal Design” and “Green Design” into the home environment. If you are an aging “Boomer” and who isn’t, you might want to take a look. If you are into organic, believe in being socially responsible, and work to be environment friendly, and that fits with most Oregonians, then you might want to take a look. And if you don’t fall into those catagories and think she is talking about Designing “Green” colored cars and “Universal” joints, then you, like me, really need to take a look!

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