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Emerging Markets

Emerging markets

Emerging markets

Wikipedia defines emerging markets as “The four largest emerging and developing economies by either nominal or PPP-adjusted GDP are the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China). The next five largest markets are South Korea, Mexico,Indonesia, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia...”

Martin Armstrong warns, “The emerging markets have issued debt in dollars which is a currency they cannot print and do not control. This hard-currency debt has tripled in the last decade and is split between $3.1 trillion in bank loans and $2.6 trillion in bonds. This will ripple through the banks causing massive new losses just as the Cyprus banks held Greek debt. This time, it will be the debt of all emerging markets. We are looking at a drastic scale of the biggest cross-border lending sprees of the past two centuries.

“A large portion of this emerging market debt was taken out at real interest rates of 1% on the implicit assumption that the Fed would continue to flood the world with liquidity for years to come. This has made the emerging markets vast borrowers dollars so in a trading position they are “short dollars”. This is the greatest short-position on a currency on the boards and when the dollar RISES, they will face the margin call from Hell itself. This will set off another banking crisis for bankers always buy the high and sell the low. They have NEVER learned even once from any economic crisis.”

Read more at Coming Emerging Market Debt Meltdown


John Kerry, It is All About John Kerry!

John Kerry

John Kerry

John Kerry, he fought in Viet Nam, is an ass. The latest peace initiative was all about him and getting a Nobel Peace Prize, so says Ulsterman in DC Whispers. Imagine,

“I can forget that peace prize, right? What a g*damn mess this whole thing is.  He (Netanyahu) could give a sh*t about any of it.  He’s out of control. He’s a war monger…a war monger. Waging war is all he seems to care about.  It’s about keeping his own people terrified so he can remain Prime Minister. It’s an impossible situation because he’s being so…he won’t compromise a damn thing!He’s happy to see thousands, tens of thousands dead. You can’t deal with people like that.  What am I supposed to do with this?  If we don’t fix this thing, this is what I’m gonna be remembered for, and that’s not right. I don’t deserve this. I want this out of the news before September. We need this resolved.  It isn’t helping any of us. This needs to be put to bed – now.”

No, John Kerry, Netanyahu is all about keeping his people from being annihilated. You fail to understand that Hamas, Qater, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran want Israel destroyed.  If missiles were flying into the U.S. from Cuba, I hope you would destroy Cuba to protect us. But, you wouldn’t would you. We are being invaded at our southern border, but you and Obama could give a sh*t!

Map Of Locations To Which Feds Are Shipping Illegal Alien Minors

Red flag has an interactive map of destinations of illegal alien minors in the USA. Here in Oregon it’s Morrison Child & Family Services

How do you feel about this “bigger than Normandy” Invasion?

Venezuela Devalues Bolivar

Venezuela officially devalued the bolivar today from the official rate of 6.29 to the USD to 55! That is an 88% devaluation, meaning a dollar’s worth of US goods cost yesterday 6.29 Bolivars, now costs 55 Bolivars.


I know you may be getting tired of the wall-to-wall coverage of …the rioting in Venezuela. What rioting in Venezuela? I know the MSM has ignored the situation, but not Air Canada, Canada’s largest airline, which “…announced Monday it has suspended flights to and from Venezuela capital Caracas as violent protests continue in the country.” Venezuela has also severed ties with Panama. “Venezuela’s President severed diplomatic relations with Panama Wednesday, accusing the Central American nation of being a “lackey” for the United States in a conspiracy plot against his government.”

What’s Going On In Venezuela (In A Nutshell)

You want to know which side to be on? Just take note of which side Daily Struggles is on when it says, “The right-wing opposition’s protests are not about progressive social change, they are about social reaction trying to halt one of the most progressive social processes going on in the world right now.”

Why is rioting in Venezuela important to the U.S.? The WSJ writes, Why is what’s happening important?

Venezuela, which has the world’s biggest oil reserves, is among the biggest oil exporters and one of the top five suppliers to the U.S., so increased instability could potentially agitate global markets. The country’s domestic and foreign policies have at times have been at odds with those of the U.S. Venezuela’s government has aimed to counterbalance U.S. influence in the region, by supporting other leftist governments, such as those of Cuba, Bolivia, Argentina and Ecuador. Venezuela has also built close ties to Syria and Iran (emphasis added). Further political instability could lead to more deterioration in the local economy, which has faced slowing growth and climbing prices.

Not only do we have leftist governments on our southern borders, but Syrian and Iranian influences. Couple that with Russia trying to open seaports in Latin America, we have a real threat. Let’s take our attention off Malaysian air planes and Ukraine and concentrate on the closest threats.

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