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Folks, It’s Happening All Over America!

Mover Mike Hit 2,000,000

After an incredible June, Mover Mike hit 2,000,000 page views. I have been blogging since 2004 and it is nice to see that more people are finding this blog. Sometimes, I have considered quitting, thinking why bother, no one reads me. However, conservative fiscally, Libertarian socially, this blog joins many others who don’t like the path the U.S. is on.

No longer can we discuss things rationally and heatedly.  Now it seems the play book says to ignore the message, savage the messenger. We are seeing that currently with Trump and we read that Hillary hasn’t answered the press questions in two weeks. AND…more and more people are considering leaving the country.

Mexico”sends” their unemployed to the U.S.. How long will 93,000,000 unemployed and under employed wait to move south? How long will the drought stricken  in the south west wait to move? What happens when the U.S. becomes like Greece and can’t feed the 43,000,000 on EBT?

Stay tuned, dear reader. I hope to cover it and provide some answers. Thanks for reading Mover Mike

Dinner with John and Helen

Home Ownership rate

Home Ownership rate

We were invited to have dinner with our neighbors John and Helen on Thursday before we left Portland. It was a very nice thing to do. We had slaved all day packing, cleaning and taking furniture and stuff to storage. The food was delicious and the conversation was lively. Both John and Helen were optimistic about the economy and disagreed of my harsh assessment. Of course we disagreed about Obama, and global warming, too.

I see the possibility of the US collapsing into another depression. That was one reason we were happy to have sold our house so rapidly.

Tonight, I just pulled up an article at Zero Hedge by Michael Snyder via The Economic Collapse blog. He writes:
“If our economy was working the way that it should, the middle class would be thriving.

“But instead, it is being systematically destroyed. If you doubt this, I have some statistics that I would like to share with you. The following facts come from my previous article entitled “The Death Of The American Dream In 22 Numbers“…

“#1 The Obama administration tells us that 8.69 million Americans are “officially unemployed” and that 92.90 million Americans are considered to be “not in the labor force”. That means that more than 101 million U.S. adults do not have a job right now.

“#2 One recent survey discovered that 55 percent of Americans believe that the American Dream either never existed or that it no longer exists.

“#3 Considering the fact that Obama is in the White House, it is somewhat surprising that 55 percent of all Republicans still believe in the American Dream, but only 33 percent of all Democrats do.

“#4 After adjusting for inflation, median household income has fallen by nearly $5,000 since 2007.

“#5 After adjusting for inflation, “the median wealth figure for middle-income families” fell from $78,000 in 1983 to $63,800 in 2013.

“#6 At this point, 59 percent of Americans believe that “the American dream has become impossible for most people to achieve”.

“You can read the rest of that article right here.”

We will miss the lively discussions with John and Helen. We will have to wait awhile to see who is right. Being right in my case would not make me happy.

Art Walk In Mazatlan

Bev and I went on the Art Walk last Friday and we were fascinated by the art and the architecture.

Save $150 On RosettaStone

RosettaStone Savings

Dining In Mazatlan

We’re spreading our dining dollars around. Sunday night we dined at The Bistro here at Pueblo Bonito. I had chicken enchiladas and Bev had her usual Todos Santos combo, which is shrimp and Mahi Mahi. Monday night we dined at Ernie Tomato Restaurant and Bar I had chicken enchiladas and Bev had shrimp sauteed in butter and garlic. Last night the six of us dined at Panchos across from Pueblo Bonito Mazatlan and we all ordered coconut shrimp. That was the best dinner yet.

We still have the Fish market and Topolo to go before trying Il Mosto.

Which is Safer, U.S. or Mexico?

Patrick Osio, Jr., Editor HispanicVista.com writes:

“Our government and the U.S. media have convinced most Americans that Mexico is not a safe place to visit as drug traffickers are fighting it out to see which gang will have the right to sell their illicit drugs to the very group that will not be visiting Mexico.”

So here are some multiple choice questions for you:

  1. Which country has a higher crime rate per 1,000 residents?
    1. Mexico, b. Germany, c. Canada, d. U.S.
  2. Which country has the highest murders with firearms?
    1. Mexico, b. El Salvador, c. U.S.
  3. Of the following countries, which has the least number of drug offenses?

a. Germany, b. United Kingdom, c. Canada, d. Switzerland, e. Mexico

4. Which country has the most prisoners?

a. United States, b. China, c. Russia, d. India, e. Mexico

(Answers: 1. d. U.S., 2. c. U.S., 3. e. Mexico, 4. a. U.S.- Source: http://www.nationmaster.com)

Maybe, the U.S. is scared that baby boomers, unable to afford the cost of living, will pack up and move to Mexico where housing, healthcare and house keepers are cheaper.

Will You Be Forced To Buy Treasuries

They say it can’t happen here but I believe it can and back in January I told you so now look at what’s happening elsewhere according to Zero Hedge: Following Hungary And Ireland, France Is Next To Seize Pension Funds

Our only question: how soon before the US administration takes this hint of what every proper socialist country does with funds apportioned to it by a gullible public and ends up investing trillions in the worst possible asset classes (while in Europe this obviously means sovereign bonds, in the US by and far the proceeds will be used to make further purchases of such equities as Apple, Amazon and Netflix, in whose continued successful ponziness lies the fate of a vast majority of US-based hedge funds, whose LPs may at some point, in the distant future, actually pay domestic income tax).

On a similar subject see my post at Mexico Calling: Are you going to move to Mexico? Why do you want to move?

New Blog: Mexico Calling

I’ve not been happy lately with the traffic coming to Mover Mike.  I have consistently posted since September, 2004, over a variety of topics.  Either I don’t write very well or my multiple subjects are not conducive to having consistent viewers.  I have tried to be like Instapundit, but the experts suggest a blog to be successful, must concentrate on one area.  So today, I am spinning off coverage of “Travel” and “Moving to Mexico” by creating Mexico Calling.  My goal is to become a snowbird, spending at least six months a year in some area of the country.  Mexico calls to me.  I want to chronicle my preparations for the change and impart to you what drives me to move there.

The Beauty Of A Thunderstorm!

I read yesterday that it was raining in Mazatlan and was directed to this reenactment of a thunder storm:

Turn up the volume!

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