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Blood Moon This Weekend

I have written about the Blood Moons several times. Sunday night we get the final Blood Moon this weekend of four in the last two years.

Hang on to your hats. According to “Two Christian preachers with huge followings in the US claim the date of the last of four ‘blood moons’ over the past 18 months, due to occur on September 28, and following a papal visit to the US, will signal the second coming of Jesus Christ.

“At the same time, the world as we know it will be destroyed by major earthquakes amid heightened tensions in the Middle East and the possibility of a third world war.

“The two evangelists have been accused of peddling the false warnings in order to cash in on books they have penned about their predictions – one of which was turned into a movie.

“The pair claim Armageddon will occur at the conclusion of the ongoing ‘tetrad’ of blood moons, which began on April 15 last year, followed by another red-coloured lunar eclipse on October 8 last year, and a third on April 4 this year.”

“Uncertainty Level” for Katla Volcano

The government of Iceland has raised the level of concern for Katla after swarm of earthquakes.

Government raises level of concern

Katla Swarm

What Is A Blood Moon And Why The Concern?

“…the term Blood Moon (applies) to the full moons of the upcoming tetrad – four successive total lunar eclipses, with no partial lunar eclipses in between, each of which is separated from the other by six lunar months (six full moons) – in 2014 and 2015.

The next Blood Moons, or Hunter and Harvest moons, are expected to occur in:

Total lunar eclipse: April 15
Total lunar eclipse: October 8

Total lunar eclipse: April 4
Total lunar eclipse: September 28

The moons occur low in the sky and the extra air between you and the moon makes them appear reddish.

So who cares? Two Christian pastors, Mark Blitz and John Hagee, do. They have written a book titled “Four Blood Moons – Something is about to change.” In the book the pastors “…speak of a lunar tetrad as representing a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. The moon is predicted to turn before the “end times.”

The sun will be turned to darkness, and the moon to blood before the great and dreadful day of the LORD comes.

This time, making the Blood Moons more ominous, this time it occurs on the Jewish feasts of Passover and Tabernacles. That has only occured eight times  since Jesus Christ died on the cross. To know which tetrads specifically fell on the Jewish feasts of Passover and Tabernacles, there appear to be a total of 8 in these 21 centuries:

1. 162-163 C.E. (Common Era)
2. 795-796 C.E.
3. 842-843 C.E.
4. 860-861 C.E.
5. 1493-1494 C.E.
6. 1949-1950 C.E.
7. 1967-1968 C.E.
8. 2014-2015 C.E.

Giving even more significance to 2014 is Dr. Paul LaViolette. He is a published author of Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion,Subquantum Kinetics, Earth Under Fire,Genesis of the Cosmos, Decoding the Message of the PulsarsGalactic Superwaves and their Impact on the Earth, and is editor of A Systems View of Man. He has also published many original papers in physics, astronomy, climatology, systems theory, and psychology. He received his BA in physics from Johns Hopkins, his MBA from the University of Chicago, and PhD from Portland State University. He is currently president and director of the Starburst Foundation. There is a gas cloud mass named  G2 Cloud, that is hurtling toward the core of our Milky Way, the galactic core. Scientists are excited because this will be the first time to observe the collision of “A gas cloud named G2 …with Sagittarius A*, the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy.”

Dr. LaViolette believes huge energy will be released that could affect earth and cause earthquakes and volcanoes to erupt. And it’s only a month away!

Fukushima Still Scares Me!

Floods In Colorado

Ive been looking for information about the amount of rain that fell described as biblical. Here’s the info:

Freak Ice Tsunami

Fukushima Massively Leaking Radiation

With the reactors in Fukushima leaking, this is what the well-dressed man or woman might wear in the near future. Imagine Prom Date, Speed Dating, Wedding attire, or movie night out. Might be tough to don the 3D glasses.

Glove-compartment Stash Could Save Your Life

Creek Stewart, the founder of Willow Haven Outdoor Survival & Preparedness Training Facility in central Indiana, shares five things to have in your glove-compartment to survive.

  1. A cutting tool
  2. Fire-starting tool
  3. Light and compact shelter with 10 feet of parachute cord
  4. Flashlight
  5. Straw-style water filter

Read more about the mini-kit of tools like these, that can easily be tucked into a purse, jacket pocket, backpack, briefcase or glove box, can save your life.

Book Review: Collapse (New America-Book One) By Richard Stephenson

458 pages
Stephenson & Powers Publishing House (July 5, 2012)

Ripped from today’s news! Richard Stephenson, a fifteen-year veteran of law enforcement, gives us an America that has been struck by a devastating hurricane, in a second depression, and experiencing a middle-east in flames.

In Book one three men fighting for their survival, unite to save America from collapse: Howard Beck, the world’s richest man, also diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, Richard Dupree, ex-Navy SEAL turned escaped convict, and Maxwell Harris, a crippled, burned out Chief of Police of a small Texas town.

You won’t be able to put it down. Then brace yourself for Book two “Resistance” is slated for a summer 2013 release.

Simply Incredible!

New York after Hurricane Sandy showing haves and have-nots.

(Hat Tip Zero Hedge)

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