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Simply Incredible!

New York after Hurricane Sandy showing haves and have-nots.

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Obama Has His “Katrina”

FEMA’s refrigerator is bare of water, but not to fear. It put out to bid a RFP for 2.3 million gallons of bottled water to be delivered to an East Farmingdale, New York distribution center by Monday, November 5th.It has no idea how to distribute it from there.  Meantime, we have no idea how bad it is for the dispossessed or those without power.

Where’s Obama? He has a weekend packed full of campaigning planned. On Saturday, he heads to Ohio, WIsconsin, Iowa and Virginia. On Sunday, he hits New Hampshire, Florida, Ohio and Colorado. I guess you could say the “Sandy” afflicted are on their own!

Hurricane Isaac

The U.S. National Hurricane Center in Miami said Isaac became a Category 1 hurricane Tuesday with winds of 75 mph. It could get stronger by the time it’s expected to reach the swampy coast of southeast Louisiana.

Katrina Redux

It appears that Tropical Storm Isaac will make a direct hit on New Orleans. Isaac is expected to strengthen into a hurricane by between today and Tuesday.


Watch Isaac!

Forbes has an analysis of Tropical Storm Isaac, currently lashing the Florida Keys.  Isaac is expected to strengthen into a hurricane over the very warm Gulf waters and make landfall somewhere between Louisiana and the Florida Panhandle.  Forbes thinks it could rival the damage of Katrina, which hit in 2005 and cost $110 billion. It is expected that it will have a significant affect on energy prices possibly sending oil above $100 or even $110 per barrel.  Consumers would take a hit to the wallet over rising gasoline prices already at $4.00 a gallon.

Hurricane Thomas Tags Haiti

Count Haitians with a little bit of luck. Hurricane Thomas didn’t directly hit the country, it slid between Haiti and Cuba, sparing both from Hurricane winds. There is a lot of rain, but more like 1/2 to 3/4 inch per hour. According to Weather Underground it could have been worse:

Hurricane force winds extend outwards only 15 miles to the east of Tomas’ center, and only the extreme tips of Haiti’s southwest and northwest peninsulas will receive hurricane force winds. Tropical storm force winds of 39+ mph extend out about 140 miles to the east, and Tomas will pass far enough from the Port-au-Prince earthquake zone that winds there will not exceed 30 – 35 mph. However, the northern Haitian city of Gonaives will receive 40 – 45 mph winds this afternoon and this evening, as will the eastern tip of Cuba. Rainfall is the primary concern from Tomas, though, not wind. Satellite estimates (Figure 1) indicate that Tomas has already dumped up to 6 inches of rain on Haiti’s southwest peninsula, and 3 inches in the Port-au-Prince earthquake zone. Recent microwave imagery (Figure 2) shows that while the heaviest rains from Tomas lie in the west eyewall and will miss Haiti, a long band of heavy rain with rainfall rates of 1/2″ – 3/4″ per hour lies to the southwest of Port-au-Prince and Gonaives, the two most vulnerable cities in Haiti to catastrophic flooding.

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Hurricane Thomas Targets Haiti

The latest information from Accuweather suggests a strong jet stream could turn Hurricane Thomas into Haiti.

“As stated by AccuWeather.com Expert Senior Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski, “It would be a horrible scenario if Tomas were to turn to the north and slam Haiti as a hurricane.” Haiti has yet to recover from the devastating January earthquake and is now fighting a cholera epidemic.”

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Hurricane Thomas Forms

Jeff Masters of the Weather Underground writes today about the formation of Hurricane Thomas “…so far south and east this late in the season is unprecedented in the historical record; no named storm has ever been present east of the Lesser Antilles (61.5°W) and south of 12°N latitude so late in the year.”

Storm Track

There’s also something unusual about Hurricane Thomas:

Another unusual aspect of Tomas’ formation is that we now have two simultaneous hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean on October 30. There has been only one hurricane season since 1851 that had had two simultaneous hurricanes later in the year–1932, when Hurricane Ten and Hurricane Eleven both existed November 7 – 10. Today is also the 5th latest date in the season that there have been two simultaneous named storms in the Atlantic. The record was set way back in 1887, when Hurricane Eighteen and Tropical Storm Nineteen were both active on December 8. There were three years that had simultaneous November named storms: 1932, 1961, and 2001.

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Tropical Storm Paula Forms in Caribbean

Tropical Storm Paula has formed off the coast of Honduras. It currently has maximum sustained winds of 70mph and is expected to become a Cat 1 Hurricane on Tuesday. It appears to be heading directly for Cancun and Cozumel. Florida and the Florida Keys could be vulnerable later this week.

We Got Lucky

We got lucky. The tropical storm that formed near the Bahamas and packing sustained winds of 40 mph, ran into wind shear and dry air, then clipped the tip of Florida before resuming its track toward New Orleans. The storm could have pushed all the Gulf Oil onto the Louisiana marshes. It could have delivered another blow to the state if it had strengthened, but we got lucky. Winds are down to 30 mph and it is now classified as a tropical depression. Like I said…

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