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Alex Stanczyk: Physical Gold Supply Never Been Tighter

In an interview at IN GOLD WE TRUST, Alex Stanczyk, Chief Market Strategist for the Anglo Far- East group of companies, who just returned from a trip to Switzerland. Alex confirmed to me the distribution of gold from west to east is not slowing down whatsoever. Refineries in Switzerland are still working 24 hour a day to cast bars for China, sometimes having difficulties sourcing the gold.

What I do know is that we are on the threshold of a situation that has never occurred before. A (Gold) squeeze is imminent, it could take 3 months or 6 months, but all I know is that it’s coming, and I know that with 100 % certainty.

What this means to me is at some point soon, we will wake to a new paradigm: Gold will be unavailable at any price and Silver won’t be far behind.

Got Gold?

Jim Rickards “Currency Wars”

How To Move Velocity Of Money

It appears there might be a concerted effort on the part of the government officials and the MSM to frighten you about the safety of your money. Cyprus is the current example that violates our property rights and even the Constitution by stealing from depositors to bail out the banks. We say here that we should exercise care when we choose a bank, because some aren’t managed well. The fear now is no bank is safe and neither are our deposits.

So what to the PTB want you to do? They want you to pull out your savings and spend it on some asset. It doesn’t matter right now what you spend it on, but they want the money moving. They want the velocity or turnover of money to accelerate. That’s is inflationary! The more we see prices moving up the more we will want to spend on more assets before they move higher in price. Already we are seeing housing prices moving up and a dearth of homes for sale. We are seeing natural gas and crude oil increasing in price, along with gasoline.

We know prices have been rising faster than the Government propaganda. Soon we will see all manner of price increases. The FED needs all that money involved with QE, work at restoring growth in the economy and they believe they can withdraw the punch bowl at just the right time to cap inflation before it gets really out of hand. Good luck with that!

The only way to protect some of what you have is with Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium. The mania is coming!

Where’s Palladium Going?

I’ve written many times about precious metals; Gold Silver Platinum, and Palladium. In today’s interview with Rick Rule is interviewed today at King World News about Palladium and how the price could soar like platinum. The sources of Palladium are three countries and all politically unstable.

Gold And Silver Update

With Gold trading above $1695.40, traders should be long Gold and we are already long Silver after it traded above $31.53. Gold closed at $1685 up $21 or +1.26% and Silver closed at $31.63 up $1.34 or +4.41%. We are primed for Gold to trade above $1700 with heavy resistance at $1800. Silver’s next major resistance area is $35.

I recommend you listen to James Turk at King World News for a very interesting take on Germany’s call to repatriate their Gold from the U.S. He talks, too, about the shortage in Platinum that sent the price soaring from $1513 to almost $1700 in three weeks. The same scenario, I believe, is looming in Silver. The U.S.Mint announced no more Silver Eagles will be sold until January 28th. The must be experiencing a shortage of Silver. If Germany can’t get their Gold for seven years, maybe we have a shortage in Gold, also.

Have you looked at the Light Crude chart lately? Oil sure looks like we’ll be back to $100 or higher rather soon!

Gold & Silver Update!

Gold and Silver have gone sideways after the last drop which stopped us out of the two metals. Now, it appears we are ready to move up again. Silver just flashed a BUY signal after taking out the high of the last three weeks at $31.53. Gold is on the verge of a BUY. We are waiting for a trade higher than $1695.40. The high for today is $1686.20.

Trading short term can be exciting, however, the real danger is missing out on the big moves. That’s why I accumulate on weakness and hold on for the protection that Gold and Silver offer.

Does that make me a prepper? Not necessarily, just prudent. Have some food and water set aside, along with a gun and ammo, and precious metals.

How Many Ounces In A $1trillion Coin

Imagine, the Obama regime printing up a $1 trillion coin. How big would the coin be? According to NPR, the coin would weigh 19,300 tons. The world produced 192 tons of Platinum in 2011, which means a $1 trillion coin would be the product of 100 years of production.

And just what would 19,000 tons of platinum look like? It would take up about 30,000 cubic feet of space, so you would need about five 18-wheelers to haul it around.

Here’s another cartoon that gives the false image of a $1trillion coin:

Do you smell idiocy?

How Have We Gone So Far Off Course?

Zero Hedge has a post about the Eight Signs The System Is Broken. One just bowled me over, boggled my mind, kicked me upside the head, rearranged my thinking, and set my hair on fire.

Based on the Treasury’s most recent statistics, US government interest payments to China will total at least $26.055 billion this year. …this year’s interest payment to China totals more than ALL the silver that was mined in the world last year.

“Gold Rush” By Mike Landfair

I finished and published my first book, “Gold Rush! There have been two Gold rushes in the United States. We are about to enter a third!”

Got Gold?

Ulsterman, reports today that Russia (and China) may be anticipating an Obama reelection and collapse of the dollar, by buying up Gold:

According to the World Gold Council, Russia has more than doubled its gold reserves in the past five years. Putin has taken advantage of the financial crisis to build the world’s fifth-biggest gold pile in a handful of years, and is buying about half a billion dollars’ worth every month.

Zero Hedge has this chart of Chinese Gold buying:

…it is now safe to say that in 2012 alone China has imported more gold than the ECB’s entire official 502.1 tons of holdings.

Clearly, these countries are buying gold! The price has finally broken out, after a trying year, from its trading range. Gold jumped $45.30 this past week up 2.78%. What are you getting on your CDs?
Silver also had a nice move up $1.96 or 6.18%!

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