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U.S. Military Reliant On Russian Rocket Engines

“The Air Force said it has begun looking for alternatives to the RD-180 rocket engines for its Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle program — the fourth largest line item in the U.S. defense budget — now that Russia has threatened to cut off the technology in its tit-for-tat struggle with the U.S.

“Lawmakers and national security analysts said they were aghast that the military allowed itself to become so dependent on Russian military technology during an era of uneasy relations.

“What were we thinking? It’s clear now that relying on Russia for rocket engines was a policy based on hope, not good judgment,” said Michael V. Hayden, a four-star Air Force general who headed the National Security Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency before his retirement in 2009.”

Rocket Engines are not our only vulnerability. Our semiconductors are made overseas and rare earths primarily come from China.

Who Do You Trust?

Former New york madame Kristen Davis involved with Eliot Spitzer in the call girl scandal or Eliot Spitzer, himself. Both running for New York Comptroller.

Politics makes strange bedfellows!

From My Fingers To Investors Eyes

No sooner did I write about Rare Earths and Molycorp, than the CEO of Molycorp makes an announcement about his business:

Rare earth stocks have exploded today, with group leader Molycorp, Inc. (MCP) up more than 10%. The catalyst for the move in Molycorp, which had been heavy and out of play in recent months, were comments from the CEO that the company’s sales were on track, selling prices for rare earth materials were actually higher expected, and that there would be no major issues resulting from the disaster in Japan.

Molycorp (MCP) jumps $7.89 or 17.66% to $52.57!

6 Reasons Why Rare Earths Will Remain Strong

Over at Market Bugle, I posted about 6 Reasons Why Demand And Prices Of Rare Earths Will Remain Strong. Is it time to look at Rare Earths and Molycorp (MCP) again?

Gold, Silver And Rare Earth; Which Is Right For You?

Gold, silver & rare earth

Which has the strongest trend right now?

In today’s video we will be looking at the gold market, analyzing the silver market, and finally, checking into the rare earth market.

Before you look at the video, you may want to consider doing this as an exercise: Write down which market has the strongest trend – up or down. Then rate the markets. Number 1 ……..Number 2 …….Number 3 ……. Once you see the video it will become clear to you how we rate these markets. It might surprise you.

If you’re using MarketClub’s “Trade Triangle” technology the answer is simple and you’ll discover it in a matter of seconds. If you haven’t used our “Trade Triangle” technology, this will be a good exercise for you to look and see just how powerful this technology is and how it can help your trading.

We all know that gold has had a big move, but so have silver and rare earth stocks. So what’s next?

I hope this video helps outline some ideas that you can put to good use in the future.

As always our videos are free to watch and there are no registration requirements. All we ask in return is that you Tweet about us and share this video with your friends. Also, please feel free to comment on our blog.

Enjoy the video and every success in trading,

Rare earth more valuable than gold?

Today Adam Hewison wants to talk about a rare earth stock that you can trade on the NYSE called MolyCorp, symbol MCP. The article defines “rare earths” and takes a look at one of the leaders in the industry.

The Rare Earth Story

By Jack Lifton, Independent consultant, focusing on the sourcing of nonferrous strategic metals.

1. The forces of nature placed rich resources of the light rare earth elements, LREEs, in, among other places, Inner Mongolia and of heavy rare earth elements, HREEs, in Szechwan, People’s Republic of China.

2. Economic forces in the last 25 years caused lower priced REEs from China to eliminate profitable production anywhere else in the world, including the huge rich resource for LREEs at Mountain Pass, California,

3. The age of technology metals began in the second half of the twentieth century,

4. American innovation just with the rare earth technology metals gave us nickel-metal-hydride ( where metal =rare earth) batteries, the highest strength permanent magnets ever developed, the neodymium laser, the PC with its small yet efficient and high storage rare earth magnet dependent “hard drive,”, fluid cracking catalysts, based on lanthanum (the name metal of the lanthanides, i.e., the rare earths) for transforming heavy petroleum products to useful lighter ones.

5. Manufacturing of all of the above technologies, except fluid cracking catalysts for oil, has now moved to China where there are sources of the raw materials and an industry to produce them in their necessary metallic and alloy forms for further fabricating!
6. Now China wants to insure that its high tech employment, which manufactures the end-use, high value added, components which depend on rare earth metals, continues and grows domestically in China both to increase high tech employment in china and to justify the investments made and to be made.

7. In China Socialism drives the need for full employment and a state sponsored type of capitalism drives the development of resources and manufacturing capabilities.

8. If America does not wake up and drive, from the top, the production of our own resources of REEs then all the employment and wealth creation from the REEs and their end uses will simply, by default, accrue to China.

10. There are huge privately owned resources of LREEs in California (MolyCorp), Idaho, and Montana(Thorium Energy, Inc.), and there are perhaps the world’s largest untapped reserves of HREEs in Canada (Avalon Rare Metals (AVL.TO) and Great Western Minerals Group (GWG.V).

11. The technology to separate REEs from ores exists in North America and is in operation at Mountain Pass, California, the largest such vertically integrated operation in the world outside of China.

12. The technology to reduce compounds of REEs to produce metallic and alloy forms of REEs exists in the USA and in the United Kingdom in both of which places it is owned by a Canadian company (GWG.V)

12. The technology to fabricate REE based permanent magnets exists and is dormant in the USA due to a lack of assured REE supply.

13. Ironically therefore the way is there in North America but not the will.

The de-emphasis in America on wealth creation by the development of natural resources and the domestic manufacturing of their end products has now reached a crisis in the case of the rare earths. If we don’t stop the erosion of this method of wealth creation a trickle of lost jobs and opportunities will become a flood. Our security is now threatened. We need to wake up immediately or just replace China s the world’s sleeping giant.

Iran and Beryllium

Regime Change Iran, posts that Reuters saysIran got metal from China usable in atom bomb-exiles The NCRI says Iran has obtained Beryllium from China.

Beryllium has many innocent uses such as in spark plugs and X-ray equipment but it can also be combined with polonium-210, a substance Iran is known to have worked with, to initiate the chain reaction in a nuclear bomb.

Also from Reuters,

A report by the U.N. nuclear watchdog (IAEA)is expected to confirm Iran has resumed sensitive nuclear work!

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