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The Covert Christian Bible


Just in time for the coming tyranny, a Grants Pass company has come up with an app for your Android, soon for the iPhone, that holds the whole Bible in a disguised cover. It’s available for viewing with a code.

This is very handy in Iraq where Christians are persecuted. There your house is marked as a Christian and you have three choices to survive:

  • Renounce your faith by converting to Islam
  • Pay a huge tax
  • Leave the country

Or Die!

World Net KJV is now available for Free at http://www.WorldNetKJV.com, and at the Google Play Store for easy download to your Android tablet or phone.

World Net KJV is the creation of the programming professionals at Division Six, a web and mobile development company in operation for over fifteen years. Division Six has a long record of publishing complex, secure, and effective programs for education, banking, games, and diverse other applications.

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