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Top 10 Tips To Buy Your First Investment Property

Top 10 Tips To Buy Your First Investment Property

Top 10 Tips To Buy Your First Investment Property

Buying and investment in property is really on the rife in Australia. Investors should invest in it because it has the ability to secure their financial future and has the ability to increase their wealth substantially. If you are also planning to invest in a property, you should keep the following tips in mind;

1.     Know the Nuts and Bolts of Property

Before you take the plunge to invest in buying a property, it is essential for you to understand the market properly and consider all the properties which are available. For this purpose, you need to check out your local area and ask for advice from investment properties agencies about all the properties. On getting valuable information from them, you can then decide which real estate property to buy.

2.     Do Not Opt for Higher Interest Rates

The cost of the investment property may be cheap but the interest rate may be higher. Higher interest rates can really put you into a loss as you will have to pay heavy amounts as interest. Therefore, you should look for a mortgage payment method that is low enough and to not eat into the profit.

3.     Consider Paying Down Debts

Savvy investors never keep their student loans, medical bills, utility bills or other bills due when buying an investment property. Instead, they consider paying them first before making the move of buying the property.

4.     Opt for the Right Location

The next thing that all investors should keep in mind is to look for the right property location. Ideally, investment properties should be located at a place where low taxes are levied, there is a low crime rate, a booming job market and where the basic facilities are nearby. Also, investors encourage having general stores, malls, parks and some other attractions in the area.

5.     Manage Your Cash Flows

If you are a beginner investor, you can fall into the trap of poor cash flow management. However, savvy investors keep all the types of costs involved in acquiring a property in mind. If you do not know about the costs involved, you should always seek advice from real estate agents to manage your resources efficiently.

6.     See Your Affordability

Investing in a property requires affordability handsome amount of money. Smart investors always ensure whether the property in question is affordable for them or not. They make calculations beforehand and see if that will be enough for them to afford the property.

7.     Contingencies for Shortfall

There are chances that you can fall short of money if you are a newbie in the investor business. In such a case, investors should always prepare contingency plans for when things go south. It is good to at least keep 10% of the amount aside in this regard.

8.     Hire a Property Manager

A licensed real estate agent is a professional and experienced person in the relevant field and they ensure to keep the things right for you. To get the best possible quote of the property, you should hire a property manager. Once you get some confidence, you can opt for a do it yourself solution, but as a start it is best to stick with the professionals.

9.     Don’t Get Your Hands Dirty

Fixtures and repairs in the property you are investing in is not your job. You should not get your hands dirty with things like unclogging the toilet, repairing the burst pipelines or getting the walls repainted. Look for the age of the property and other amenities that are ready and leave you with profits.

10.   Pick the Right Mortgage

You have a lot of options regarding the properties you can invest in. So, you should get a sound advice from your local real estate agent about the mortgage type and enjoy a passive income stream down the road.

Now that you know the tips, we hope you will be able to make an informed decision regarding your first investment in a property. Good luck!

2016 Week 7 Football Upsets


#12 Ole Miss 30, #22 Arkansas 34

#16 Miami 13, North Carolina 20

#17 Virginia Tech 17, Syracuse 31


Oregon Bye

Oregon State 14, #21 Utah 19

Portland State 35, Cal Poly 55

Brad Thor Changes His Mind

Brad Thor Changes His Mind:

images (1)

This is not easy news (especially for a #NeverTrump stalwart) to deliver.America, you have cancer. And it’s bad – really bad. It’s aggressive. It has spread throughout most of your body and it’s continuing its march.

How much time do we have left? Less than three months.

Is there a cure? We’re not completely sure, but there are two alternatives:

The first is a decades-old generic, lacking any potency whatsoever. Studies have shown that Drug #1 not only won’t cure the cancer, but that it will actually strengthen it and speed our death. Drug #1 offers no upside whatsoever.

Drug #2 is being offered out of a clinic in Mexico. It claims to be a surefire, can’t lose, 100% guaranteed treatment. The clinic, though, is run by pockmarked, gold-toothed, oily-haired- men in bad suits with absolutely no medical backgrounds. They ogle your wife and daughter incessantly anytime you drop by for more information, and are constantly trying to upsell you into an oceanfront timeshare.

So, which drug should we choose?

Drug #1 will kill us – no question. Drug #2 might kill us, but it also might:

A) Slow the cancer, or even

B) Cure the cancer

It’s a lot to hope for, I know, but hope is all we have left. We have exhausted every other avenue. Make no mistake – I believe one hundred percent in standing on principle. Principle, in this case though, will not cure cancer.

Sadly, that crappy clinic south of the border is starting to look like our only option.

Read more: http://www.bizpacreview.com/2016/08/16/brad-thor-finally-abandons-nevertrump-opposes-cancer-hillary-vivid-analogy-worth-wait-379878#ixzz4HbAxcNMW

M 4.2 – Off the coast of Oregon

M 4.2 – Off the coast of Oregon

2016-04-03 19:54:36 UTC-05:00
43.940°N 128.482°W
10.0 km

College Football Upsets Week 10


#24 Toledo 27, Northern Illinois 32


#2 LSU 16, #4 Alabama 30

#7 Michigan State 38, Nebraska 39 – Mike Riley gets his first BIG win.

#8 TCU 29, #14 Oklahoma State 49

#13 Memphis 20, Navy 45

#18 Ole Miss 52, Arkansas 53 OT

#19 Texas A & M 10, Auburn 26


Oregon 44,  California 28

Oregon State 0, #23 UCLA 41

Portland State 32, Northern Colorado 34


College Football Upsets Week 5

That didn’t take long:
#3 Ole Miss 10, #25 Florida 38
#6 Notre Dame 22, #12 Clemson 24
#7 UCLA 23, Arizona State 38
#8 Georgia 10, #13 Alabama 38
#19 Wisconsin 6, Iowa 10

Locally, Portland State 17, North Dakota 19
Oregon 41, Colorado 24 Final

College Football Upsets Week 4

#13 Oregon 13, #18 Utah 62 with 10:00 in 4th!!!
#20 Georgia Tech 20, Duke 34 Final
#22 BYU 0, Michigan 31 Final
#25 Missouri 13, Kentucky 21

Oregon State 24, Stanford 42 Final
Portland State 31 Western Oregon 0 at the half

Blood Moon This Weekend

I have written about the Blood Moons several times. Sunday night we get the final Blood Moon this weekend of four in the last two years.

Hang on to your hats. According to “Two Christian preachers with huge followings in the US claim the date of the last of four ‘blood moons’ over the past 18 months, due to occur on September 28, and following a papal visit to the US, will signal the second coming of Jesus Christ.

“At the same time, the world as we know it will be destroyed by major earthquakes amid heightened tensions in the Middle East and the possibility of a third world war.

“The two evangelists have been accused of peddling the false warnings in order to cash in on books they have penned about their predictions – one of which was turned into a movie.

“The pair claim Armageddon will occur at the conclusion of the ongoing ‘tetrad’ of blood moons, which began on April 15 last year, followed by another red-coloured lunar eclipse on October 8 last year, and a third on April 4 this year.”

Baltimore’s McCormick & Company, Inc to Move

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Any African-Americans won’t be happy to hear that McCormick & Company, Inc., a global leader in flavor. is leaving Baltimore Maryland where McCormick was founded in 1889. The company is committed to build on our 126 year history in the State. The company announced the selection of 99 Shawan Road in Hunt Valley, Md. as the preferred location for a new company headquarters.

Two Oregon Offshore Quakes

  1. 1.7 magnitude 120km W of Dunes City, Oregon 2015-04-07 12:53:31 UTC-05:00 depth 28.6 km
  2. M 4.2 – 154km W of Bandon, Oregon

     154km W of Bandon, Oregon 2015-04-07 09:54:44 UTC-05:00 depth 10.0 k

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